Protest I

18 11 2022

In some ways, the control of space for APEC feels like a royal cavalcade. In proximity to the venue, people are blocked, including from all overhead bridges and walkways. Skytrain wasn’t permitted to stop at Asoke.The inconvenience has caused much grumbling.

Here’s links to the Anti-Prayuth/APEC demonstrations:

Thai PBS, 16 November 2022: “Protesters may try to get closer to APEC meeting venue in Bangkok

Clipped from Prachatai

Bangkok Post, 17 November 2022: “Apec road pass card registration continues

Thai Newsroom: 17 November 2022: “Protesters hold ritual curse ceremony at City Hall square

Bangkok Post: “Protesters confront riot-control police

Prachatai, 17 November 2022: “Opposition to APEC 2022

Clipped from Thai Newsroom

The Nation, 17 November 2022: “Protesters rally during Apec week, demand Prayut dissolve Parliament

Thai Newsroom: 17 November 2022: “Protesters stopped from marching to QSNCC

Thai Newsroom: 17 November 2022: “Protesters back off from marching to QSNCC to submit letter to foreign leaders

Bangkok Post, 18 November 2022: “23,000 CCTVs added for Apec meet



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