Updated: Booooring royal nonsense

24 01 2023

How many times can the Bangkok Post publish the same story about the ever-so-wonderful-better-than-(almost)-anyone-else Princess Sirivannavari? The same story of indigo dye and the ever-so-grateful locals-unable-to achieve-without-royal-support has gone around at least 3-4 times in our memory and it remains propaganda that induces a bilious response in the PPT team.

We realize that with Princess Bejraratana being maintained in a vegetative state by machines – watch for an announcement around the end of the month – the Post and palace have to promote the other daughter. She’s a pampered, taxpayer funded,  expense account on legs who has been inappropriately praised and promoted for almost her whole life.

We all need a break from this royal nonsense. What about some Post stories on truly admirable women? That would require the discovery of a spine at the Post.

Update: The Bangkok Post has managed to squirt out yet another “story” on this royal nonsense. This is far more than boring. It is reprehensible.



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