Brave women II

24 01 2023

Prachatai and Thai Lawyers for Human Rights have provided more information on “monarchy reform advocates Tantawan Tuatulanon and Orawan Phuphong…”.

The report states that these two resolute women “were taken to the Department of Corrections Hospital last Friday (20 January).” This move was against their own wishes and they have “refused all medical treatment and insisted on being taken back to the Women’s Central Correctional Institution…”.

As is usual in such cases, their lawyer was given the runaround by the authorities and prison officials.

Once the lawyer was permitted to meet them, TLHR was able to report on their condition. Their lawyer stated that on (22 January, “the two activists were fatigued and nauseous, and that Orawan condition had worsened as she reportedly passed out in the bathroom.” In addition, the two “asked their lawyer to tell the public that they are staying strong. They also noted that they heard the fireworks set off in front of the prison and thanked people for their support.”

On 23 January, TLHR released another statement after another visit by a lawyer. It said the:

two activists were pale and fatigued, and told the lawyer that Tantawan fainted in the bathroom on Sunday evening (22 January) and hit her head. She said she refused a CT scan, and the two activists told the lawyer that they did not want to receive treatment from or stay at the Department of Corrections Hospital, as a statement released by the Department of Corrections released on Sunday evening did not mention that Tantawan fainted. The two activists also said they were not able to walk on their own as the Department of Corrections claimed.



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11 02 2023
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