Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa

paiJatuphat Boonpattaraksa, also known as Pai, was arrested by plainclothes police from the Khon Kaen Provincial Police Station on the morning of 3 December 2016, and accused of lese majeste. He was sentenced to 5 years jail on 15 August 2017.

The 25 year-old student was arrested in Chaiyaphum province. The warrant the police had was issued on 2 December 2016, and stated that Jatuphat was to be charged with lese majeste offense, following a complaint by Lt Gen Phitakphon Chusri, Deputy Chief of the Operations Directorate at the 33rd Military Circle in Khon Kaen.

The complaint was that, like more than 2,000 others, Pai had shared a BBC Thai news article, “Profile: Thailand’s new King Vajiralongkorn,” and had quoted some of that report on Facebook. He did not add any commentary with the quoted text. By April 2017, the BBC reported that more than 3 million had viewed its story on the king.

At the time of his arrest, Jatuphat was facing four other lawsuits, all for opposing the military junta. He is a member of the activist Dao Din Group based in the northeast and member of the Neo-Democracy Movement.

Jatuphat is clearly being singled out and framed by the junta and palace because he is a political activist and to send a powerful message that King Vajiralongkorn’s seedy personal life has to be sanitized for Thais.

Initially, a lawyer provided by Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) was prevented from seeing Jatuphat and the lawyer’s phone was confiscated and he was driven around Khon Kaen to delay his meeting with his client.

Jatuphat denied all charges. He was then moved north, to Nam Phong district police station, which prevented his lawyer seeking bail.

The following morning, police and prosecutors requested a pre-trial detention at the Khon Kaen Court and the court granted bail on a 400,000 baht surety. On 6 December 2016, Jatuphat returned to the Khon Kaen Police Station and filed a complaint letter about police errors and illegal actions in the initial investigation.

On 22 December, the Khon Kaen provincial court revoked Pai’s bail, ruling that he had made other Facebook comments that satirized the authorities and that he has failed to delete his original post of the king’s profile (surely a case of tampering with evidence would have been laid if he had done this).

Following that, the court has repeatedly denied Jatuphat’s bail requests. It also held its hearings in-camera.

On 20 January 2017, the secretive court held a hearing without Jatuphat’s lawyer’s participation and extended his pre-trial detention 12 days, the fifth such extension. He remains detained at the Khon Kaen provincial prison and has been subjected to abusive and intrusive cavity searches every time he returns from a court hearing.

Jatuphat’s support base grew, with more than 350 academics and intellectuals signing a letter protesting his treatment.

On 10 February 2017, in another in-camera hearing, Jatuphat was formally indicted. Pai was yet again refused bail. Supporters, denied access to the trial stated stood in front of the court and declared: “The judicial system behind us is not independent and just.”

On 1 March 2017, the Appeals Court refused a further bail request. As usual, they provided no logical or lawful reason for the denial of bail.

On 13 March 2017, for a seventh time, Khon Kaen’s Provincial Court rejected a 700,000 baht bail bid.

On 20 March 2017, and eighth bail application was refused.

On 5 April 2017, the Region 4 Appeal Court confirmed the ruling of the Court of First Instance not to release Jatuphat. The court agreed with the other court that releasing Jatuphat was impossible. They agreed that the activist mocked the authority of the state without fearing the law and is facing other charges for violating the Public Referendum Act and the junta’s political gathering ban in his previous political activities. We can be sure that this is the junta’s decision and may well reflect the position of the palace.

In mid-April 2017, Pai was awarded the prestigious 2017 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights, selected by the May 18 Memorial Foundation of South Korea. He was nominated by Mahidol University’s Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies. The prize is awarded to an organization or individual in Asia for their fight for human rights and democracy. The award also offers $50,000 for the winner.

On 30 June 2017, his 10th bail request was rejected by the vindictive and royalist court working for the junta.

His trial began on 3 August 2017, with no one from the public permitted in the court room. The court heard the first plaintiff witness, the thug military officer Lt Col Pitakpol Chusri, who filed the lese majeste complaint against Jatuphat.

When he appeared before another secret/in-camera court hearing on 15 August 2017, he suddenly changed his plea to guilty and was almost immediately sentenced to 5 years, halved for the guilty plea.

A lawyer claimed Pai changed his plea after he knew his trial would continue in secret, limiting the political impact of his case, and after he and his parents were told he had almost no chance of winning his case. Later, Pai’s father stated that there was no point to an appeal as he and his some had lost faith in the courts.

Even after being jailed, Jatuphat faces other political charges and continued harassment and degradation by prison officers. Some of those other charges = related to illegal assembly – were later dropped by the military court.

In early May 2019, in a pardon among thousands of others associated with the coronation, Jatuphat was scheduled to be released about a month short of his full sentence. He was released on 10 May 2019.

Clipped from the Bangkok Post

The day he was released, Pai was summoned to report to police in Bangkok on 21 May 2019, ostensibly to give evidence on the case the junta has concocted against Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit in a case that dates back to 2015. In order to cover their “legal” tracks on the manufactured case against Thanathorn, the military junta has decided that it better have a “case” against the activist/s Thanathorn is supposed to have aided and leading to a charge of sedition against Thanathorn. The junta’s “lawyers” have determined that they can concoct another case – well, 15 other cases – as it is charging 15 activists, including Jatupat, with sedition. It is likely that these 15 charges will go to a military court. These courts are marked by legal ineptitude and influence from superiors. In other words, they do the junta’s work and have nothing much at all to do with the law.

Jatuphat remained politically active, joining the anti-regime and anti-monarchy protests in 2020.

Jatuphat arrested. Clipped from the Bangkok Post

He was arrested and dragged from a rally on 13 October, along with 19 others at the Democracy Monument. He was slapped with 12 charges, including sedition and organising a public assembly without permission. After being denied bail twice, he was released on bail on 23 October, vowing to return to the protests.

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