Kittithon Yamsamai

112.jpgIt is reported that (we used several reports in making this short post) 51-year-old shopkeeper Kittithon Yamsamai, a red shirt sympathizer, was “sentenced to 10 years in prison for posting two messages deemed defamatory to the royal family in August. On another charge, he was sentenced to three years and four months for possessing an electronic document with remarks that showed an attempt to defame, insult and threaten the King, the Queen, the Heir Apparent and the Regent.”

He was convicted  under the lese majeste law and Computer Crimes Act.

The Criminal Court have again demonstrated that the judiciary lives in a feudal world of courts, kings and fear. His lawyer said “police seized files in his computer and accused him of preparing to commit a crime.” This is yet another broadening of this political crime.

The lawyer observed: “This means having in your possession a computer with alleged lese majeste remarks that have not yet been disseminated is considered a crime under the lese majeste law. It is an expanded interpretation of the law in an unprecedented way…”.