Phakin Chakabatr

112Police arrested two suspects accused with the lese majeste law for making false claims about the monarchy for financial benefits. This was about 15 July 2015. One was Phakin Chakabatr.

A police press conference said Phakin was  accused of lese majeste.

Phakhin is accused of lese majeste and fraud for claiming to four women, each of whom had been having an affair with him since about 2004, that he was a military officer who was attached to the royal entourage of an undisclosed royal. He was accused of making these fraudulent claims to get money from the women and their families. In one case he was accused of taking 7 million baht.

At the press conference, Phakhin said he was guilty, adding that he was somehow relieved that he has been arrested.

We assume that his admission of guilt means he went straight to sentencing, but we have heard no more of the case.

Media accounts of Phakin’s case:

Prachatai, 15 July 2016: “Two fake military officers arrested for lèse majesté