Prakrom Warunprapha

PrakromPolice Major Prakrom Warunprapha was secretly arrested on or about 16 October 2015. He was charged with lese majeste and died in custody in a secret prison on a military base in Bangkok.

He was soon dead. His death was never adequately explained and his body was hurriedly cremated.

On 21 October, the Bangkok Military Court approved a police request to detain Suriyan Sujaritpolwong, 53, alias Mor Yong, a well-known fortune teller, Jirawong Wattanathewasilp, 39, Suriyan’s aide, and Pol Maj Prakrom Warunprapha, 44, an officer of the Technology Crime Suppression Division’s Sub-Division 1. The three men all appeared with shaven heads, with social media saying this was demanded by the prince as an act of degradation.

The junta – the National Council for Peace and Order – laid the charges and the military took the three into its custody “on receiving reports that a group of persons had, on various occasions, cited the high institution to other people for ill-gotten gains in violation of Section 112 of the Criminal Code, or the lese majeste law.”

Initial reports said Suriyan had “confessed” while Jirawong and Prakrom denied the charges. Within a day, all were said to have “confessed.”

The three suspects were then taken by Corrections Department officials to a temporary prison inside the 11th Army Circle base.

Meanwhile, the authorities froze some of their assets while comparing these cases with those surrounding former Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) chief Pongpat Chayaphan, whose princely criminal network was broken up when his neice, married to Prince Vajiralongkorn was summarily “divorced” and dozens jailed, including most of then Princess Srirasmi’s family.

One of the more bizarre elements of these cases was that these are not persons who can be considered opponents of the monarchy. Pol Maj Prakrom won a scholarship from the Defence Ministry to further his military studies in England and after graduating, served as a soldier at the army’s Artillery Centre in Lop Buri. He later joined the police force and this led him to the Technology Crime Suppression Division and was with the Crime Suppression Division special operations unit when arrested. Prakrom served as an officer in the online crime unit from January until his arrest and was in charge of hunting lese majeste online. Prakrom was reported to have played a key role in the investigation of Pongpat. He also played a role in having Chayapa Chokpornbutsri arrested back in June. She allegedly spread rumors of an imminent counter-coup against junta chairman General Prayuth Chan-ocha. He seems like a loyalist. So was Suriyan. He was a very well known as a soothsayer to the elite and, until recently, was proclaimed close to the prince and many military officers.

A week after they were incarcerated, fears were expressed for their safety. A report stated that “special wardens” were appointed including “military officers and guards from the Corrections Department,” and their task was “to take care of three suspects…”.

The wardens’ key responsibility is to ensure the three men’s well-being during detention, a source linked to the case has revealed. The “special wardens” failed because Prakrom was reported to have died. The authorities claimed that Prakrom hung himself on 23 October 2015.

He was said to have used clothing to hang himself, although how he managed this in a secure cell in a military base under the surveillance of military and corrections officers will never be explained. The circumstances of this death were so murky and the official cover-up so complete that it may well have been that he was murdered. Screaming cover-up, the Minister for Justice declared the case closed in less than 36 hours.

Censorship of the media on these cases was immediately stepped up.

Soon after, Suriyan was also dead.

We include Prakrom’s case as “convicted” as his death in custody means that there will be no outcome to the case, although we suspect his death will remain suspicious for years to come.

Later, there were claims that they and some police and some alleged red shirts were somehow involved in either and assassination or eavesdropping/spying venture. Who was the target remains unclear.

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