Taweesin (surname withheld)

112On 21 June 2016, Taweesin (surname withheld) went before a secret military court in a lese majeste trial that resulted in the defendent being sentenced  to 10 years jail, halved for the more-or-less required guilty plea.

Taweesin was charged for uploading and sharing audio clips from the well-known Banpot, who has already been convicted and jailed. More on the Banpot group, almost all now convicted, is available here.

Taweesin was indicted by a military prosecutor for uploading audio clips recorded by Hassadin U. or DJ Banpot, and sharing them on Facebook, banpodjthailandclips.simplesite.com, and OKTHAI.com between 2010 to January 2015.

Unlike the rest of the Banpot “group,” Taweesin (and Kwanjai, surname withheld), chose to fight the case.

After being held in jail for a lengthy time, Taweesin apparently recanted his not guilty plea, and finally agreed to plead guilty. PPT has long pointed to this as a form of torture and coercion.

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