Amnuay Kaewchomphu

According to Matichon, a lese majeste case was laid as Special Case / คดีพิเศษที่ 46/54 against Amnuay Kaewchompu / อำนวย แก้วชมภู (Woodside New York / วู้ดไซต์ นิวยอร์ก) and Chuphong Thithuan for publishing and posting a story considered to contain allegedly malicious content attacking the monarchy. Amnuay is believed to be in New York in the United States.

Passed away on 5 January 2015, in New York.


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9 08 2014
More fanatical monarchism | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] me name them,” he said. “[They are] Chupong Theetuan, Anek Chaichana, Saneh Thinsaen, Amnuay Kaewchompoo and Ong-art Thanakamolnan.” PPT has no links for Ong-art or Saneh. Each of the named men is […]

4 01 2015
Woodside passes away | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] Amnuay Kaewchompu (อำนวย แก้วชมภู ), the founder of has died today at 7 PM in New York. […]

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