Aree Redshirt

112Aree Redshirt is the pseudonym for Aree K (family name withheld) who faces numerous complaints of lese majeste lodged by ultra-royalists and investigated by the royalist military.

Monarchists set about tracking down Aree in Khon Kaen for the heinous “crime” of choosing to wear a color other than royal yellow around the time of the king’s birthday. She stands accused of having used a picture of herself and friends wearing black on her Facebook profile picture and cover photo.

The old anti-communist Internal Security Operations Command summoned Aree K., believed to be a nurse at Khon Kaen’s Srinagarind Hospital. The hospital is one of Khon Kaen’s few yellow shirt strongholds, having previously provided the leader of the local People’s Alliance for Democracy.

She is alleged to have made Facebook statements that the royalist zealots interpret as lese majeste.

Media accounts of Aree’s case:

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