Chaida Bunyothin and Parichat Klinsrisuk

Chaida Bunyothin and Parichat Klinsrisuk are the Facebook names of two persons accused by cyber-pimp Siharat Thinkhaonoi of lese majeste and computer crimes.

Police in Phuket accepted the pimp’s lese majeste complaint, accusing the two Facebook users of allegedly posting messages defaming the monarchy on a red-shirt radio host’s Facebook profile.

Siharat told the police that his trawling of Facebook had revealed the alleged lese majeste messages posted by the two on the Facebook profile of Itthiphon Sukpaen, known as Beer, a red shirt radio host associated Love Chiang Mai 51.

Itthiphon was summoned by the military junta on 27 May 2014, but is believed to have fled to a neighboring country.

Police say they are on the case because it involves the monarchy.

Media accounts of the Chaida and Parichat case:

Prachatai, 9 March 2015: “Police accept lèse majesté complaint against two Facebook users