Monta Yokrattanakan

Monta“Ying Kai” or Montra Yokrattanakan (“Monta” in some reports), a “socialite,” was reported as being investigated for having engaged in fraud, human trafficking and lese majeste.

On 21 June 2016, a former employee, accompanied by her parents and lawyer Songkan Atchariyasap, chairman of the Network Against Acts that Destroy Kingdom, Religion and Monarchy, submitted a petition “seeking justice.”

Her former employer, Montra, who claimed to be a khunying and wife of a police lieutenant-colonel, was accused of filing a false theft complaint with Pracha Chuen police, accusing the young employee of stealing, including 40 gold bars, a gold ornament and a diamond necklace worth more than 10 million baht on 18 March 2015.

The involvement of the ultra-royalist lawyer became clearer when it was reported that the Criminal Court ordered Montra imprisoned for 12 days as she awaits trial on charges including, most notably, lese majeste.

Police investigators had requested that she be held in remand, citing a fear that she may interfere with evidence if freed on bail. Montra posted a bail request, but the court ruled against Monta and ordered her to be jailed. She was taken directly to the Central Women’s Correctional Institution.

On the lese majeste charges, precious few details have been provided, with police saying saying that Monta made false claims that she has a royal bloodline, and that she was also bestowed a royal title. The officer in charge stated: “She falsely claimed ties to the High Institution [the monarchy]…. Please don’t go into details about this case. It’s a sensitive matter.” The charge seems to be related to the use of khunying.

One report stated that Montra has denied all charges and allegations.

Soon after, it was reported that Montra may have a mental illness. On 16 July 2016 the court ordered her held for a further 12 days. During that period, police agreed to charge her with human smuggling.

She appeared in court on 29 September 2016 and entered a not guilty plea. She was remanded without bail since 28 September. Apparently, it was only two days earlier that she was arraigned for lese majeste.

She is alleged to have told others that she was a khunying, a title bestowed by the king on royal favorites and flunkies. She is also alleged to have told others that she was close to the monarchy. It is unclear who she claimed to be associated with. These alleged claims are said to be false claims and were used to seek favors and benefits as those who are close to the royals tend to do.

The Criminal Court announced on 21 November 2016 that Ying Kai’s trial on lese majeste charges would begin on 6 June 2017. In an odd appearance in court, she asked to change her plea to guilty, saying she wanted to get the case finished. The court decided that a confession would not end the hearing of witnesses and evidence, and so Ying Kai reverted to her denial of the charge. She also asked that the court be cleared of reporters.

She faces other charges of making false complaints against people, human trafficking and defamation and is due in court on 2 May 2017.

We have no particular sympathy for Ying Kai, but we get the feeling that someone is seeking to punish her severely, dragging out the case. After all, other “royal fraud” cases have been completed very quickly, especially those associated with Prince Vajiralongkorn.

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