Parinya Cheewinpatomkul (Fort Faiyen)

Parinya Cheewinpatomkul, known as Port Faiyen, was arrested sometime in early March 2021 and charged with lese majeste.

On 5 March 2021, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reported that Port was arrested at his house and charged with lese majeste and the Computer Crimes Act. The police had a warrant and seized mobile phones and notebooks.

Port stated that although he remains ill, he was refused bail, and has been jailed since then.

There is concern that his illnesses – including nerve inflammation, pancreatitis, diabetes – will worsen in jail.

Following the 2014 military coup, Port was a member of the Faiyen band that fled to Laos and eventually received asylum in France. Port’s illness convinced him not to travel to France and returned to Thailand for medical treatment. For a time, to protect him, there was an illusion created that he was in France. When he returned to Thailand, he deactivated his Facebook account, and it took the authorities some time to track him down.

Media accounts of Port’s case:

World Today News, 6 March 2021: “Police arrested ‘Port Wong Fai Yen’ at a home in the 112 case after several years of refuge in Laos

AFP, 5 August 2019: “Dissident Thai band arrives safely in Paris