Pholpimol (family name withheld)

112On 31 March 2021 Phonphimon or Pholpimol, a 22 year-old online vendor from Chiang Mai, was arrested on an Article 112 charge and a charge made under the Computer Crimes Act. The charges are reportedly related to a Facebook post from October 2020.

Pholpimol was arrested by 5-6 uniformed and plainclothes police officers who presented an arrest warrant issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court. She was taken to Chang Puak Police Station and “held overnight before being taken to court for a temporary detention request.”

On 1 April, she was told that the charges had been filed by Thikhathat Phrommani, who claimed he saw a Facebook post which was an insult to the king.

The same day, the Chiang Mai Provincial Court ruled that police and prosecutors could detain Pholpimol for 12 days, on the grounds that the penalty for the charges is high and that the accused is likely to flee or tamper with evidence. As the police already had here electronic devices and she had given them access, this is ridiculous claim by the court.

Pholpimol has denied all charges and denies the Facebook profile is hers.

She is held alone with a prison guard in a cell with no window and no light other than in front of the cell.

The Court denied bail and Pholpimol was taken to the Chiang Mai Woman Correctional Institution. It was reported that she was bailed on 23 April 2021, using a security of 150,000 baht. The court granted her bail on the grounds that she is not likely to flee, has a permanent residence, and has denied all charges.

Media accounts of Pholpimol”s case:

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