Phromsorn Weerathamjaree

Phromsorn Weerathamjaree, known as Fah, was charged under Article 112 following a speech he made in front of Thanyaburi Provincial Court on 14 January 2021. 

Fah is known as a talented public speaker and later joined Ratsadon Mutelu, a group of political activists.

He was summoned to appear before police on 17 March 2021. Two days earlier he had been injured in a traffic accident. His appearance was to ask for an extension of time before hearing charges due to his injuries.

Bizarrely, he was suddenly dragged before the court for a temporary detention hearing. Sasinan Thamnithinan, his lawyer, had accompanied Phromsorn to the police station, and explained that although Phromsorn had come to the station with his injuries to demonstrate that he had no intention to flee, the Police Deputy Superintendent suddenly decided to take him to court.

The police also sought to prevent the lawyer spending time consulting with her client, despite the turn of events, with the Station Superintendent allowing them only 2 minutes to consult in private.

After four earlier requests had been rejected, Phromsorn staged a hunger strike to protest against his detention without bail. He was released on bail on 10 May 2021 after 53 days in pre-trial detention.

According to the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, the Court of Appeal allowed bail with security of 200,000 baht, and  the condition that Phromsorn wears an Electronic Monitoring bracelet, does not tamper with evidence, and does not commit similar offenses to the one he is charged with.

Media accounts of Phromsorn’s case:

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