Prasong Khotsongkhram

112On 8 July 2021, Prasong Khotsongkhram was arrested on lese majeste charges.

The 26 year-old was arrested by Bangplat police following a complaint by ultra-royalist vigilante Thitiwat Tanagaroon, known for his praise of King Vajiralongkorn and for opposing pro-democracy/monarchy reform protesters.

Thitiwat filed his complaint after he claimed he saw three posts on Prasong’s Facebook page, on 21 May and 7 June 2021, which he claimed insulted the king. The police took up the complaint and he was arrested. The court approved his detention, denying a bail request. A second bail request, lodged on 11 July, was also rejected. By 16 July, Prasong had been denied bail three times.

The third bail request included a 250,000 baht security and an offer for electronic monitoring and a supervisor. In rejecting this request, the Taling Chan Criminal Court “argued” that the charges are serious, that he might flee, and that there was no reason to change previous court orders to deny bail.

Prasong was detained at the Thung Noi Temporary Prison, which is on the same premises as the Military Circle 11 Prison.” Using the virus crisis, the Department of Corrections has ruled that Prasong must quarantine for 21 days, during which time his family and lawyer would not be permitted to visit him.

He was granted bail after spending 27 days in prison and following three bail applications.

The Taling Chan Criminal Court granted bail on 4 August. In seeking bail, Prasong told the court that he had not received a summons before he was arrested, did not resist arrest and would not flee. His mother supported him.

The court allowed bail but requires that Prasong  wear  electronic monitoring and, continuing the judiciary’s role in lese majeste repression, “set the condition that he must not do anything that would damage the monarchy and must not leave the country without the court’s permission.”

Media accounts of Prasong’s case:

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