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ParryAccording to his Wikipedia entry, Richard Lloyd Parry is the Asia Editor for The Times (London), based in Tokyo. He is also the author of In the Time of Madness, a non-fiction book about Indonesia and East Timor. In 2005, he was named Foreign Correspondent of the Year in the UK’s What The Papers Say Awards.

In early November 2009, a group of self-proclaimed nationalists laid complaints with the police that included one against Parry for lese majeste. This is an interesting charge as it relates to alleged offenses committed outside Thailand by a foreign national, so will be followed with considerable interest.

The Siam Samakkhi Group filed two complaints alleging lese majeste with Dusit police against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Giles Ji Ungpakorn  and Parry. All are outside Thailand and were outside Thailand when the alleged offending remarks were made and reported.

The Siam Samakkhi Group included Senators Somchai Sawaengkarn and Warin Thiamjarat, General Somchet Boonthanom, who is reportedly a former chief of the secretariat of the Council for National Security, and Lt-Gen. Nanthadet Meksawat who is said to be a former deputy chief of the national intelligence co-ordination center.

The allegations against Parry relate to his interview with Thaksin, listed below for 8 and 9 November and published in the Times.

On 15 August 2010, Parry sent a post to New Mandala stating: “I haven’t been charged with LM – yet. After the Thaksin interview a complaint was made but, so far, that is as far as it has gone.”

News about the case:

Times, 11 November 2009: “Richard Lloyd Parry and Thaksin Shinawatra accused of lèse-majesté”

Bangkok Post, 10 November 2009: “Lese majeste complaint against Thaksin”

Times, 10 November 2009: “Thai government bans Thaksin Shinawatra interview with The Times”

Times, 9 November 2009: “Thaksin Shinawatra: the full transcript of his interview with The Times”

Bangkok Post, 9 November 2009: “Thaksin: My comments were distorted”

Times, 8 November 2009: “Ousted Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra calls for ‘shining’ new age after King’s death” (see คำต่อคำทักษิณสัมภาษณ์ TIMESONLINE แฉสื่อลิ้ม-สื่อหลักบิดขาวเป็นดำจากภักดีเป็นล้มสถาบัน)

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