Sa Kaeo man (name unknown)

unnamedAn 18 year-old from  Sa Kaeo Police Province was one of the first arrested on lese majeste accusations following the death of the ninth king and as the military regime cracked down on “inappropriate comments” on the internet related to the king’s passing.

This unnamed young man was arrested for allegedly posting a message on Facebook considered by authorities to constitute lese majeste.

He was arrested on 19 October 2016 in his room after police received a report that the teenager had posted a lese majeste message on Facebook. He was arrested only four hours after the message was posted. The police also found 26 packs of marijuana.

The teenager initially denied the allegation of lese majeste, saying the message was posted by someone else who had used his phone. However, after eight hours of interrogation, he admitted his “guilt” and said he was high at the time of the post.

He was due to be charged the next day, although no other news reports have been found.

Media accounts of this case:

Prachatai, 20 October 2016: “Marijuana user arrested for online lèse majesté