Suthipong Tadpitakkul

SuthipongThe singer Suthipong Tadpitakkul also known as “Heart,” had a lese majeste complaint lodged against him on 13 May 2021.

The lese majeste complaint was lodged by Seksakon “Rambo Isan” Atthawong, an assistant minister to the prime minister. Seksakon was previously known as Suporn.

He was joined by Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s lawyer Apiwat Kanthong in lodging “another complaint” against Suthipong. They went to the Nang Loeng police station saying the singer had criticized the government’s vaccine procurement plan, alleging he may have also violated the lese majeste law and the Computer Crime Act.

The earlier complaint was lodged with the Technology Crime Suppression Division. It seems that the complaint then also related to lese majeste.

In this new complaint, Suthipong is accused of having copied information on the government’s vaccine procurement plan to his Facebook page and “made additions.” He is accused of adding: “It is a vaccine of the boss” and “It is a Covid-19 vaccine monopoly.”

Lawyer Apiwat reckoned that anyone reading this would immediately know who he is talking about”. It’s not Gen Prayuth. It seems it is he whose name may not be said – the king.

The regime wants the police to seek more evidence and more information to substantiate the accusation against Suthipong.

Suthipong dismissed the complaint. The oddity of a complaint and a possible charge for not saying the king’s name seems odd, even for royalist Thailand.

Media accounts of Suthipong’s case:

Bangkok Post, 14 May 2021: “PM’s men go after Suthipong again