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Thanapol Eawsakul is the editor of the controversial magazine Fa Diew Kan. He faces two accusations of lese majeste. The first relates to an interview with Sulak Sivaraksa in 2006 and the second to an issue of the magazine, on the monarchy, from 2007. The staff of Fah Diew Kan and its website have long been harassed by the authorities.

In February 2011, another case was brought against Thanapol. Democrat Party MP Watchara Petthong filed lese majeste complaints against Thaksin Shinawatra, Robert Amsterdam and Thanapol as editor of the Same Sky/Fa diew kan for the publication of the Thai version of the White Paper by Amsterdam & Peroff on the violence of April and May 2010. The book, which does not list Thanapol as publisher, has been a best seller, and was the initial case taken to the International Criminal Court by red shirts seeking redress for the violence.

Thanapol has faced continuing intimidation and was arrested for anti-coup activity in 2014. His lese majeste case was not filed by police following investigations. However, he remains a target of much legal action.

On 29 June 2022, Technology Crime Suppression Division police arrested Thanapol. He was charged with “disclosing documents and other material related to national security and violating the Computer Crime Act…”. The police took Thanapol to Technology Crime Suppression Division headquarters, initially without a lawyer.

Later, on Facebook, Thanapol explained the situation (with apologies for hurried translation).

He said that it has more or less been normal for the police to “visit” the offices of Fa Diaw Kan since the journal was established some two decades ago. Following the 2014 military coup, the “visits” increased, then dropped off around the time of the 2019 election, but then expanded again as the monarchy reform-democratization movement expanded. In this latter period, the police became interested in various books published by Fa Diaw Kan, most of them associated with aspects of the monarchy, historical and contemporary.

This heightened police “interest” meant that Thanapol was being closely monitored.

On 21 November 2020, Thanapol posted a message about a National Security Council document ordering to tracking down of a former ambassador. The police filed a complaint on 31 December 2020 and then went quiet.

On 20 January 2022, some 30 police and officers from the Technology Crime Suppression Division searched the publisher’s office, seizing including Arnon Nampa’s The Monarchy and Thai society (which is not a Fa Diew Kan book), computer equipment and Thanapol’s mobile phone. The officers presented two search warrants and an order granting access to computer data, issued by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

On 18 April 2022, the Technology Crime Suppression Division said the earlier document seized was classified and disseminated illegally. An arrest warrant was sought even though Thanapol had agreed to report to police. He says: “On June 23, 2022, I made an appointment to go to the TCSD on July 4, 2022 at 1 p.m., but during that time, on June 28, the TCSD requested the court’s approval to issue an arrest warrant….  As a result of issuing an arrest warrant, The police came to arrest me today, 29 June 2022, when I was taken to the police station and to the TCSD…”.

Lawyers from Thai Lawyers for Human Rights and efforts by Move Forward Party, MP Rangsiman Rome led to bail being granted.

So far, few details of the charges are available.

Media commentary on Thanapol’s case:

Thai Enquirer, 30 June 2022: “Editor of critical book publisher arrested, released on bail

Prachatai, 13 January 2016: “Military visits Same Sky Journal, asking about Yingluck calendar

Prachatai, 22 February 2011: Lèse majesté charges filed against Robert Amsterdam’s book”

RWB, 7 January 2008: “Information ministry asked to explain why website was closed without going to court”

Earth Times, 6 January 2008: “Popular Thai website closed down for anti-monarchy comments”

Prachatai, 5 January 2008: “Fah Diew Kan website shut down; lèse majesté alleged”

The Nation, 5 March 2007: “A searing indictment of the coup”

Asian Human Rights Commission, 31 March 2006: “THAILAND: Interior Minister bans magazine for publishing articles on Thai monarchy” and a related poste, here.

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