Veera Musigapong

Veera Musigapong / วีระ มุสิกพงศ์ is a red shirt leader and associated with a group accusation we have called the Bangkok 19. However, Matichon refers to Special Case 502/53 in 2010 that names Veera as a defendant in a lese majeste case involving a speech on the UDD stage at Sanam Luang.

Veera did jail time in the mid-late 1980s, convicted of lese majeste in a case where he made comments regarding the easy life of a prince.

Media accounts of Veera’s case:

Matichon, 3 January 2011: “เปิดบัญชีคดีพิเศษ”ดีเอสไอ” 33 คดีเข้าข่ายหมิ่นเบื้องสูง