Wankasat Promthong

Wankasat Promthong, aged 31 in 2019, was arrested in 2016, charged with fraud and lese majeste. He was convicted in November 2017, and sentenced to five years and nine months in prison.

As far as PPT can determine, his case was only revealed in May 2019.

He was found guilty of selling amulets with allegedly forged royal insignias and of lese majeste for dishonestly claiming the trinkets were sponsored by the royal palace. Prosecutors argued that the former monk claimed to fellow monks at his temple that he was raised in the palace and anointed into monkhood by King Bhumibol. His amulets carried a royal insignia.

He appealed fraud and lese majeste and on 29 May 2019 his fraud conviction was upheld by=ut he was acquitted of lese majeste. On fraud, he received a sentence of two years and nine months.

The Appeals Court ruled that Wankasat had claimed ties to the monarchy only for monetary gain, and had not aimed to defame or insult royals.

Media accounts of Waskasat’s case:

Khaosod, 30 May 2019: “Ex-Monk Acquitted of Lese Majeste for Royal Forgery