Weha Sanchonchanasuk

Clipped from Prachatai. Photo attributed to Ginger cat

Weha Sanchonchanasuk 37, has been charged three times under Article 112.

He was arrested on 10 March 2022 for alleged lese-majeste and violation of the Computer Crime Act. The case that is reported in the media is the most recent of the three charges, and it was on 11 July 2022 when Weha attended the police’s cybercrime division to acknowledge and contest the charge.

Another Article 112 charge is not reported (as far as PPT can determine).

Weha’s third charge was for a social media post regarding a March 2022 court verdict that sentenced a man named Narin to 3 years in jail on an Article 112 conviction for placing a sticker on a public portrait of King Vajiralongkorn. The court deemed Narin’s act amounted to disrespect to the monarch, since the sticker depicted the logo of a Facebook group known for satirizing the king and royal family.

In his online post, Weha is claimed to have written sarcastic remarks about the Narin verdict, arguing that if royal pictures are considered sacred and inviolable, he would dispose of all royal portraits from public view, “away from any further sticker-posting degradation.” He is claimed to have also posted a photo of himself standing next to the empty frame of a King Vajiralongkorn portrait.  It is reported that it is this post that has led to the new 112 charge.

This third complaint against Weha was reported to have been made by an online group of ultra-monarchists. These groups are used by the police as willing compatriots in filing charges against those deemed anti-monarchists.

Weha was released after questioning and without having to post bail on this third charge.

On a previous lese majeste charge, Weha had been held in jail for nearly 100 days in a pretrial detention The royalist court finally granted him bail release in June 2022.

Media accounts of Weha’s case:

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