Y. (name witheld)

112.jpgIn one of iLaw reports that Khun Y. is a taxi driver charged with lese majeste. The report states: “On 28 January 2014, Mr Y who is a taxi driver provided service to an unknown passenger. During the ride, both discussed about politics. It turned out that both had a different opinion. The passenger then made the record of their conversation and used it as an evident to press the charge.” Prachatai reported that the discussion centered on questions about inequality and states that the complainant was a university lecturer.

Y. became one of the first to be charged with lese majeste under the fascist dictatorship established by the military junta following its coup on 22 May 2014.

Media accounts of Khun Y’s case:

Prachatai, 3 June 2014: “Taxi driver charged with lèse majesté over political talk with passenger