Censoring your I-phone

6 04 2010

PPT missed this article at absolutely Bangkok.com a week or so ago. Worth reading as it is about the censorship of phone-based browsers, seemingly mainly at TrueMove. The article states: “don’t try to access ThaiCrisis, Thai Intelligent News, FACT or Political Prisoners with your True iPhone – all you get is ‘Access Denied’ and the disclaimer ‘Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL. For assistance, contact your network support team.’

Blocking and unblocking Absolutely Bangkok

24 02 2010

Bangkok Pundit and New Mandala have recently reported on the blocking and unblocking of the popular site Absolutely Bangkok by Loxinfo in Thailand.  PPT highly recommends the detailed account of the events posted by the author of Absolutely Bangkok: 24 February 2010, “Of this site’s blocking & unblocking”

PPT was struck by this statement: “It actually shattered my trust in the work of the Thai cyber police so much that you think this has become a place where anyone can accuse anyone of anything.”

PPT is a bit more cynical than Absolutely Bangkok, but the point that s/he nails is the arbitrariness of what is blocked and what is left alone. One never knows if one is going to ‘get away with’ criticism, or be censured for what one imagines to be benign.

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