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22 08 2010

Critical Asian Studies, the journal that developed from the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, has generously made all of the BCAS issues available for download. This covers volumes 1 (1968-69) to 32 (2000). Of interest on Thailand are:

Al McCoy – Subcontracting Counterinsurgency: Academics in Thailand 1954-1970 [Vol. 3, No. 2]

Ralph Thaxton – Modernization and Counter-Revolution in Thailand [5:4]

Rick Doner – The Development of Agribusiness in Thailand [6:1]

Thadeus Flood – The Thai Left Wing in Historical Context [7:2]

Jayne Werner – Introduction [coup in Thailand] [9:3]

David Millikin – Introduction to Violence and the Military Coup [9:3]

Puey Ungphakorn – Violence and the Military Coup [9:3]

Benedict Anderson – Withdrawal Symptoms: Social and Cultural Aspects of the October 6 Coup [9:3]

Thadeus Flood – The Vietnamese Refugees in Thailand: Minority Manipulation and Counterinsurgency [9:3]

Carl Trocki – Boonsanong Punyodyana: Thai Scholar and Socialist, 1936-1976 [9:3]

Peter Bell – Marxist Scholarship on Thailand: The Work of E. Thadeus Flood (1932-1977) [10:1]

Kevin J. Hewison – Political Conflict in Thailand: Reform, Reaction, and Revolution by David Morell and Chai-anan Samudavanija/ A Review Essay [15:4]

Barney Hope – Thailand in the Nineteenth Century/ A Review [22:1]

Shane P. Tarr – The Nature of Military Intervention in the Countryside of Surat Thani, Southern Thailand [23:3]

Larry Lohmann – Peasants, Plantations, and Pulp: The Politics of Eucalyptus in Thailand [23:4]

Jim Taylor – Social Activism and Resistance on the Thai Frontier: The Case of Phra Prajak Khuttajitto [25:2]

James Ockey – Eviction and Changing Patterns of Leadership in Bangkok Slum Communities [28:2]

Well worth a look.

New historical documents at PPT

21 03 2009

PPT has been posting historical documents related to lesé majesté, the monarchy, human rights and general items on Thailand’s history and politics. The latest additions are posted with permission from Critical Asian Studies.

PPT is pleased to make available the content of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Special Supplement on “October 1976: The Coup in Thailand” as it appeared in Volume 9, Number 3, July-September 1977:

  • Cover, contents and introduction  to the Supplement by Jayne Werner (bcas_9-3-1977_cover_intro)
  • Puey Ungphakorn, “Violence and the Military Coup in Thailand” with an Introduction by David Millikin (bcas_9-3-1977_puey)
  • Ben Anderson, “Withdrawal Symptoms: Social and Cultural Aspects of the October 6 Coup” (bcas_9-3-1977_anderson)
  • E. Thadeus Flood, “The Vietnamese refugees in Thailand: Minority Manipulation in Counterinsurgency” (bcas_9-3-1977_flood)
  • Carl A. Trocki, “Boonsanong Punyodyana: Thai Scoialist and Scholar, 1936-1976″ including an interview with Boonsanong from the Far Eastern Economic Review (bcas_9-3-1977_trocki)

Earlier posts related to political history include:

  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on how the U.S. Embassy and the palace worked with the international media to ensure the king’s good image, 30 March 1973: palace_nat-geog_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on protecting the king from criticism, 7 December 1973: king_sweden_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on “creative” intervention, 22 December 1973: king_const_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on attempts to censor negative reports on the queen, 11 February 1975: queen-1975
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on claimed links between the CIA and Palace Guards, 25 February 1975: palace-guards_1975
  • E. T. Flood (compiler), “Village Scouts: The King’s Finest,” Indochina Chronicle, No. 54, 1977, p. 19: indochina-chronicle_1977.
  • Phoo Phaakphoom, “The Last Thai King,” Southeast Asia Chronicle, No. 60, 1978, p. 6: se-asia-chronicle_1978
  • UCL, “Case of lèse majesté at Chiangmai Province,” UCL Newsletter, Vol. 2, 1985, p. 7: ucl_1985
  • Mong Doo, “ How deep are the cracks in the kingdom? Reflections on a king’s birthday”. This is a paper proabably written in late 1987 or early 1988 and circulated privately: Mong-doo_cracks

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