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16 09 2021

Every so often PPT searches through recent publications on Thailand in academic journals. Below we have a selection from journals published since the beginning of 2020. A few of these are free to download. If not, we suggest emailing authors as they will usually provide a copy.

We also urge readers to look at Library Genesis, where several recent books on Thailand’s politics are available.

Journal of Contemporary Asia

Thailand’s Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State by Ukrist Pathmanand & Michael K. Connors

Crazy Rich Thais: Thailand’s Capitalist Class, 1980–2019 by Kevin Hewison

Neo-Liberalism, the Rise of the Unelected and Policymaking in Thailand: The Case of the Medical Tourism Industry by Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit & Guanie Lim

The Unruly Past: History and Historiography of the 1932 Thai Revolution by Arjun Subrahmanyan

Is Irrigationalism a Dominant Ideology in Securing Hydrotopia in Mekong Nation States? by David J. H. Blake

Drivers of China’s Regional Infrastructure Diplomacy: The Case of the Sino-Thai Railway Project by Laurids S. Lauridsen

Lineages of the Authoritarian State in Thailand: Military Dictatorship, Lazy Capitalism and the Cold War Past as Post-Cold War Prologue by Jim Glassman

Black Site: The Cold War and the Shaping of Thailand’s Politics by Kevin Hewison

Royal Succession and the Politics of Religious Purification in Contemporary Thailand by Tomas Larsson

Sick Tiger: Social Conflict, State–Business Relations and Exclusive Growth in Thailand by Veerayooth Kanchoochat, Trin Aiyara & Bank Ngamarunchot

Critical Asian Studies

Disruptors’ dilemma? Thailand’s 2020 Gen Z protests by Duncan McCargo

Hashtag activism: social media and the #FreeYouth protests in Thailand by Aim Sinpeng

The white ribbon movement: high school students in the 2020 Thai youth protests by Kanokrat Lertchoosakul

Sticky rice in the blood: Isan people’s involvement in Thailand’s 2020 anti-government protests by Saowanee Alexander

The roots of conservative radicalism in southern Thailand’s Buddhist heartland by Patrick Jory & Jirawat Saengthong

TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia

Everyday Scandals: Regulating the Buddhist Monastic Body in Thai Media by Brooke Schedneck

The Hmong and the Communist Party of Thailand: A Transnational, Transcultural and Gender-Relations-Transforming Experience by Ian G. Baird

The Paradox of the Thai Middle Class in Democratisation by Kanokrat Lertchoosakul


Why Did They Rise Up? The Local Reality of the Farmers’ Movement in 1970s Thailand by Shinichi Shigetomi

Inequality, Sociocultures and Habitus in Thailand by Sirima Thongsawang, Boike Rehbein, Supang Chantavanich

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Birds of a feather: Anand Panyarachun, elite families and network monarchy in Thailand by Yoshinori Nishizaki

Nostalgia and nationalism: Facebook ‘archives’ and the constitution of Thai photographic histories by Clare Veal

Contemporary Southeast Asia

The Failure of Agricultural-based Economic Development in Thailand’s Far South and the Impact on the Insurgency by Ornanong Husna Benbourenane

Plural Partisans: Thailand’s People’s Democratic Reform Committee Protesters by Duncan McCargo & Naruemon Thabchumpon

Green in the Heart of Red: Understanding Phayao Province’s Switch to Palang Pracharat in Thailand’s 2019 General Election by Joel Sawat Selway

Asian Survey

Thailand in 2020: Politics, Protests, and a Pandemic by James Ockey

Thailand in 2019: An Election, A Coronation, and Two Summits by James Ockey

Recent academic publications on Thailand’s politics

13 08 2019

Every so often, PPT scans academic journals to see what has been published over the past 12-18 months. Here’s a list of politics-focused research that we located. Some of them are very much better than others. Unfortunately, most are behind paywalls but we have found that authors will often send a copy if requested:

‘Long Live Ratthathammanūn!’: Constitution worship in revolutionary Siam in Modern Asian Studies and by Puli Fuwongcharoen

New Wine in an Old Bottle: Female Politicians, Family Rule, and Democratization in Thailand in Modern Asian Studies and by Yoshinori Nishizaki

Ironic political reforms: elected senators, party-list MPs, and family rule in Thailand in Critical Asian Studies and by Yoshinori Nishizaki

Gold diggers and their housewives: the gendered political economy of Thai labor export to Saudi Arabia, 1975–1990 in Critical Asian Studies and by Katie Rainwater

Dictatorship, Monarchy, and Freedom of Expression in Thailand in Journal of Asian Studies and by Tyrell Haberkorn

Subjects of politics: Between democracy and dictatorship in Thailand in Anthropological Theory and by Eli Elinoff

Thailand: an old relationship renewed in The Pacific Review and by Kevin Hewison

Haunted Past, Uncertain Future: The Fragile Transition to Military-Guided Semi-Authoritarianism in Thailand in Southeast Asian Affairs 2018 and by Prajak Kongkirati

Crisis of Democracy in Thailand and the Network of Monarchy in Paradigma and by Aryanta Nugraha

Thailand’s Traditional Trinity and the Rule of Law: Can They Coexist? in Asian Studies Review and by Björn Dressel

Thailand 4.0 and the Internal Focus of Nation Branding in Asian Studies Review and by Petra Desatova

Uneven development, inequality and concentration of power: a critique of Thailand 4.0 in Third World Quarterly and by Prapimphan Chiengkul

The Iron Silk Road and the Iron Fist: Making Sense of the Military Coup D’État in Thailand in Austrian Journal of South East Asian Studies and by Wolfram Schaffar

Alternative Development Concepts and Their Political Embedding: The Case of Sufficiency Economy in Thailand in Forum for Development Studies and by Wolfram Schaffar

Agents, Principals, or Something in Between? Bureaucrats and Policy Control in Thailand in Journal of East Asian Studies and by Jacob I. Ricks

The never changing story: Eight decades of the government public relations department of Thailand in Public Relations Review and by NapawanTantivejakul

Proud to be Thai: The Puzzling Absence of Ethnicity-Based Political Cleavages in Northeastern Thailand in Pacific Affairs and by Jacob Ricks

Politics and the Price of Rice in Thailand: Public Choice, Institutional Change and Rural Subsidies in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Jacob Ricks

Anti-Royalism in Thailand Since 2006: Ideological Shifts and Resistance in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Anonymous

Coloured Judgements? The Work of the Thai Constitutional Court, 1998–2016 in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Björn Dressel and Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang

Is Irrigationalism a Dominant Ideology in Securing Hydrotopia in Mekong Nation States? in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by David J. H. Blake

Drivers of China’s Regional Infrastructure Diplomacy: The Case of the Sino-Thai Railway Project in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Laurids S. Lauridsen

Thailand’s Public Secret: Military Wealth and the State in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Ukrist Pathmanand and Michael K. Connors

The Unruly Past: History and Historiography of the 1932 Thai Revolution in Journal of Contemporary Asia and by Arjun Subrahmanyan

Worldly compromise in Thai Buddhist modernism in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies and by Arjun Subrahmanyan

Memories of collective victimhood and conflict in southern Thailand in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies and by Muhammad Arafat Bin Mohamad

The Prayuth Regime: Embedded Military and Hierarchical Capitalism in Thailand in TRaNS and by Prajak Kongkirati and Veerayooth Kanchoochat

Thailand Trapped: Catch-up Legacies and Contemporary Malaise in TRaNS and by Veerayooth Kanchoochat

Expansion of Women’s Political Participation through Social Movements: The Case of the Red and Yellow Shirts in Thailand in Journal of Asian and African Studies and by Duanghathai Buranajaroenkij and others

Constitution-Making in 21st-Century Thailand: The Continuing Search for a Perfect Constitutional Fit in The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law and by Andrew James Harding and Rawin Leelapatana

The political economy of state patronage of religion: Evidence from Thailand in International Political Science Review and by Tomas Larsson

The conundrum of a dominant party in Thailand in Asian Journal of Comparative Politics and by Siripan Nogsuan Sawasdee

Generals in defense of allocation: Coups and military budgets in Thailand in Journal of Asian Economics and by Akihiko Kawaura

Worth reading

18 07 2018

Over recent months we have neglected suggesting some of the more academic works on Thailand that some readers might find of interest.

We were reminded of this omission when we saw an excellent account of the 6 October massacre and associated events in a story at the Los Angeles Review of Books by Suchada Chakpisuth and translated by Tyrell Haberkorn. As ever, when it comes to anything on Thailand’s politics, there are likely to be negative responses. In this case, so far, there is only one such comment. All we can say is that what one reader finds sentimental and sophomoric, we found enlightening, sobering and a painful reminder of the ways in which ultra-nationalism and ultra-royalism can spin out of control or be made to become demonic and murderous.

Back to recent articles that may be of interest:

There’s a Commentary behind a paywall at Critical Asian Studies by Kasian Tejapira: “The Sino-Thais’ right turn towards China.” Also at CAS, there are pay-for-view commentaries reflecting on Thailand: “Thailand’s urbanized villagers and political polarization” by Duncan McCargo and “Modern day slavery in Thai fisheries: academic critique, practical action” by Peter Vandergeest, Olivia Tran & Melissa Marschke.

At the Journal of Contemporary Asia, there are several pay-for-view articles and book reviews: Owners of the Map. Motorcycle Taxi Drivers, Mobility, and Politics in Bangkok is reviewed by
Kevin Hewison who also reviews Working Towards the Monarchy: The Politics of Space in Downtown Bangkok, while A History of Ayutthaya: Siam in the Early Modern Period is reviewed by Robert H. Taylor. Björn Dressel & Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang author “Coloured Judgements? The Work of the Thai Constitutional Court, 1998–2016.” The most recent issue includes two Thailand articles: “Anti-Royalism in Thailand Since 2006: Ideological Shifts and Resistance” by an anonymous author (which was, for a time free for download, but not now) and “Politics and the Price of Rice in Thailand: Public Choice, Institutional Change and Rural Subsidies” by Jacob Ricks.

Pacific Affairs has a pay-for-view article by Aim Simpeng, “Participatory Inequality in the Online and Offline Political Engagement in Thailand.” and free book reviews of Thai Politics: Between Democracy and Its Discontents reviewed by Kevin Hewison, Siege of the Spirits: Community and Polity in Bangkok reviewed by Charles Keyes, The Lost Territories: Thailand’s History of National Humiliation reviewed by Søren Ivarsson.

Contemporary Southeast Asia has a free book review of Thai Politics: Between Democracy and Its Discontents reviewed by Aim Simpeng, Khaki Capital: The Political Economy of the Military in Southeast Asia reviewed by John Blaxland and Thailand: Shifting Ground between the US and a Rising China, reviewed by Pongphisoot Busbarat. It has a pay-for-view article by Duncan McCargo, Saowanee T Alexander and Petra Desatova, “Ordering Peace: Thailand’s 2016 Constitutional Referendum.”

The Journal of Southeast Asian Studies has “Mae Fah Luang: Thailand’s Princess Mother and the Border Patrol Police during the Cold War” by Sinae Hyun and available for free download. It also has several book reviews of general Thailand interest, some for free download.

If an article is behind a paywall, we recommend searching by title as authors and their universities sometimes make them available in a pre-print format.

More publications available

14 08 2012

Some time ago the journal Critical Asian Studies made their special issue on the 1976 military coup in Thailand available for free download. In recent days the Journal of Contemporary Asia has followed suit, making available its special issue on Thailand from 1978. This issue became the edited book Thailand: Roots of conflict, edited by Jonathan Fast, Andrew Turton and Malcolm Caldwell and published by  Spokesman Books, but long out of print.

The articles available at the Taylor & Francis website are:

  • Editorial, pp. 3-4
  • Malcolm Caldwell, Thailand and imperialist strategy in the 1980’s, pp. 5-20
  • David Elliott, The socio-economic formation of modern Thailand, pp. 21-50
  • Peter F. Bell, ‘Cycles’ of class struggle in Thailand, pp. 51-79
  • Marian Mallet, Causes and consequences of the October ’76 coup, pp. 80-103
  • Andrew Turton, The current situation in the Thai countryside, pp. 104-42
  • Patrice de Beer, History and policy of the communist party of Thailand, pp. 143-57

The website has other articles available for free download and readers may look around the site for free articles. We may have missed some, but found the following on Thailand:

Free downloads of articles on Thailand’s politics

22 08 2010

Critical Asian Studies, the journal that developed from the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, has generously made all of the BCAS issues available for download. This covers volumes 1 (1968-69) to 32 (2000). Of interest on Thailand are:

Al McCoy – Subcontracting Counterinsurgency: Academics in Thailand 1954-1970 [Vol. 3, No. 2]

Ralph Thaxton – Modernization and Counter-Revolution in Thailand [5:4]

Rick Doner – The Development of Agribusiness in Thailand [6:1]

Thadeus Flood – The Thai Left Wing in Historical Context [7:2]

Jayne Werner – Introduction [coup in Thailand] [9:3]

David Millikin – Introduction to Violence and the Military Coup [9:3]

Puey Ungphakorn – Violence and the Military Coup [9:3]

Benedict Anderson – Withdrawal Symptoms: Social and Cultural Aspects of the October 6 Coup [9:3]

Thadeus Flood – The Vietnamese Refugees in Thailand: Minority Manipulation and Counterinsurgency [9:3]

Carl Trocki – Boonsanong Punyodyana: Thai Scholar and Socialist, 1936-1976 [9:3]

Peter Bell – Marxist Scholarship on Thailand: The Work of E. Thadeus Flood (1932-1977) [10:1]

Kevin J. Hewison – Political Conflict in Thailand: Reform, Reaction, and Revolution by David Morell and Chai-anan Samudavanija/ A Review Essay [15:4]

Barney Hope – Thailand in the Nineteenth Century/ A Review [22:1]

Shane P. Tarr – The Nature of Military Intervention in the Countryside of Surat Thani, Southern Thailand [23:3]

Larry Lohmann – Peasants, Plantations, and Pulp: The Politics of Eucalyptus in Thailand [23:4]

Jim Taylor – Social Activism and Resistance on the Thai Frontier: The Case of Phra Prajak Khuttajitto [25:2]

James Ockey – Eviction and Changing Patterns of Leadership in Bangkok Slum Communities [28:2]

Well worth a look.

New historical documents at PPT

21 03 2009

PPT has been posting historical documents related to lesé majesté, the monarchy, human rights and general items on Thailand’s history and politics. The latest additions are posted with permission from Critical Asian Studies.

PPT is pleased to make available the content of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Special Supplement on “October 1976: The Coup in Thailand” as it appeared in Volume 9, Number 3, July-September 1977:

  • Cover, contents and introduction  to the Supplement by Jayne Werner (bcas_9-3-1977_cover_intro)
  • Puey Ungphakorn, “Violence and the Military Coup in Thailand” with an Introduction by David Millikin (bcas_9-3-1977_puey)
  • Ben Anderson, “Withdrawal Symptoms: Social and Cultural Aspects of the October 6 Coup” (bcas_9-3-1977_anderson)
  • E. Thadeus Flood, “The Vietnamese refugees in Thailand: Minority Manipulation in Counterinsurgency” (bcas_9-3-1977_flood)
  • Carl A. Trocki, “Boonsanong Punyodyana: Thai Scoialist and Scholar, 1936-1976″ including an interview with Boonsanong from the Far Eastern Economic Review (bcas_9-3-1977_trocki)

Earlier posts related to political history include:

  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on how the U.S. Embassy and the palace worked with the international media to ensure the king’s good image, 30 March 1973: palace_nat-geog_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on protecting the king from criticism, 7 December 1973: king_sweden_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on “creative” intervention, 22 December 1973: king_const_1973
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on attempts to censor negative reports on the queen, 11 February 1975: queen-1975
  • U.S. State Department, declassified cable on claimed links between the CIA and Palace Guards, 25 February 1975: palace-guards_1975
  • E. T. Flood (compiler), “Village Scouts: The King’s Finest,” Indochina Chronicle, No. 54, 1977, p. 19: indochina-chronicle_1977.
  • Phoo Phaakphoom, “The Last Thai King,” Southeast Asia Chronicle, No. 60, 1978, p. 6: se-asia-chronicle_1978
  • UCL, “Case of lèse majesté at Chiangmai Province,” UCL Newsletter, Vol. 2, 1985, p. 7: ucl_1985
  • Mong Doo, “ How deep are the cracks in the kingdom? Reflections on a king’s birthday”. This is a paper proabably written in late 1987 or early 1988 and circulated privately: Mong-doo_cracks

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