Updated: Monks and sedition

5 03 2017

PPT has said several times that it has little to offer on the standard reporting on the military state’s siege of Wat Dhammakaya.

That said, we were staggered to read the Bangkok Post and learn that the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has filed complaints – essentially a charge – of sedition against Phra Sanitwong of the temple. Other charges against him include under the draconian computer crimes law for posting “false information” online.

Sedition means, in the Wikipedia view, “overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.”

In Thailand under the the military junta, the definition is simpler: “opposing the military dictatorship.”

If convicted, sedition “is punishable by up to seven years in jail” while “the false information charge is punishable by up to five years in jail and/or a fine of up to 100,000 baht…”.

The idea that a monk who is not an ultra-nationalist nor a fascist could be accused of sedition for protecting his temple (whether he is right to do this or not) is quite mad.

The DSI has “also warned Phra Maha Tossaporn, a monk who appears to have taken over in recent days from Phra Sanitwong as the temple’s spokesman, that he could face the same sedition charge if he was not careful.”

What we don’t know is exactly what it is that Phra Sanitwong said. What, exactly, was his seditious claim? We are not told. We assume his crime is disagreeing with the military dolts who claim to run Thailand.

Update: The Bangkok Post reports that the king “has stripped the monastic rank of former Phra Dhammachayo” of Wat Dhammakaya. The move was proposed by the junta.

As we know nothing of religious affairs, we are confused by this. It seems unusual for the king to do this. In doing so, he is taking a political position and supporting the military dictatorship.

The Post describes the king’s action as a “symbolic step of removing the monastic rank came after he refused to appear to answer legal charges, following a two-week siege by thousands of military and police personnel.”

Symbolic and political.

Never trust the military

25 05 2016

Social media has been in a bit of a buzz wondering if the military junta is mellowing. After all, the posts go, didn’t the junta allow the 22 May march to the Democracy Monument? Prachatai has a story surveying the questions raised. The Straits Times writes of “mixed signals” from the junta.

Our view is simple: Never trust the military.

Here’s some recent examples of why:

The junta … rejected calls for amendments to the referendum law and the easing of the ban on political party meetings in the run-up to the vote on the draft constitution.”

The police has searched the house of student activists campaigning for Deep South’s right to self-determination. The activists said they felt threatened by the authorities’ action.”

The junta-designed 20-year national strategy is required to promote the integrity of future national administrations…”.

A human rights lawyer has been charged for hosting ‘standing still’ activities demanding that the junta free detained critics.

A cleaning lady in Thailand is being charged by the government for posting the words “I see” on Facebook. She is accused of insulting the monarchy – a charge that can lead to jail sentences of up to 15 years.

Commander of the 42nd Military Circle to the President of Prince of Songkhla University: “Some personnel in your organization might not understand the construction process of the power plant and protest against it. Therefore, we (the military) would like to ask you (the President) to educate those personnel about the construction process of the power plant…”.

Junta leader has said that anyone blaming the government for the economic slump will be sued….

The Military Court has handed out a three-month jail term to an elderly teacher accused of sedition for giving a flower to an anti-junta activist.

A lawyer has reported to the public prosecutor in a case in which she was charged for providing legal assistance to 14 pro-democracy activists.

A military court refused bail applications by lese majeste “suspects” Harit Mahaton and Natthika Worathaiwich, who are also charged with sedition under Article 116 of the Criminal Code, for allegedly mocking The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

They are fascists and cannot be trusted.

Further updated: No sense and nonsense

27 12 2015

When the military are in charge, a new “logic” takes hold. Hierarchy, impunity and power lead not just to arrogance but to some quite nonsensical media events.

For example, just a few days ago we had the military junta telling the world that it had 98-99% support for almost everything it did. No sensible person believes this horse manure, except for those in the junta who thought it a great idea to disseminate such claims.

Adding to the view that Thailand is in the control of dangerous dimwits, the police have piled cartloads of organic, brown fertilizer onto the junta’s compost. Sadly, the story at the Bangkok Post is about the death sentences handed out to two Burmese migrant workers for the murder of two British tourists.

Appeals are pending and there’s been plenty of reporting about police incompetence, torture and more. The government in Myanmar has expressed concerns about the case both before and since the the verdict, and there have been demonstrations of hundreds and perhaps thousands in Myanmar.

So what do the police in Thailand do? They hold a media event and make extraordinarily daft claims.

They say that the “protests against the death sentences handed down in the Koh Tao murders might be politically motivated and have ill intentions.” Pol Maj Gen Piyaphan Pingmuang said the “protests in the Koh Tao case were suspicious.”

Clearly not a genius, Pol Maj Gen Piyaphan isn’t reported to have explained what the “motivations” might have been, what kind of “ill intentions” were in play or why the demonstrations were “suspicious.”

Despite lacking explanation and apparently without a shred of evidence, Piyaphan declared that “[s]ome groups” were using the verdict “as an opportunity” and he warned that “general people should not fall victim to the movement or let the issue be politicised…”.  He “warned that the issue could have an impact on international relations.”

PPT doubt the policeman has no real idea who he is threatening. Perhaps it is the international media. It could be the Myanmar government and people, stirring so-called historical enmity. Whoever it is is, Piyaphan is doing his bit to convince the rest of the world that Thailand is indeed in the hands of dangerous dimwits.

Update 1: As if to prove the point we made above, General Prayuth Chan-ocha has also released a similar bilious nonsense. Reported as “visibly angry,” The Dictator “lashed out on Monday at protesters who took to the streets of Yangon…”. Yes, he was criticizing protests in another country. He said “critics should respect the verdict and that Thailand’s justice system would not bow to public pressure.” Maybe he can have them arrested for sedition or lese majeste.

Update 2: Angry police have again declared – despite denials from the Myanmar government – that there is an instigator of protest or maybe more. The police chief seemed befuddled and declared that protest instigators might be in Thailand, saying, “In Thailand police are preventing it [protest]…”, adding:

Police are looking for the people who instigated it. I ordered all units related to security, especially the Special Branch division, to find the groups that are behind the demonstrations by Myanmar people … admitting he had “no idea” who the supposed instigators are or if they are even in Thailand.

Keystone cops.

Spades and shovels

5 03 2015

PPT has routinely referred to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the man who directed murderous attacks against citizens in 2010, who mutinied against the legal government in 2014, led an illegal coup and is responsible for a widespread repression of political opponents, as The Dictator.

We fear that that description, while calling a spade a spade, is insufficient. We need to shout that this military spade is a fascist shovel.

The fascist general has “explained” that the media should not “be impartial.” He “explained:

“What they should say is, first, media should report news that is factual. Second, they should support the government’s efforts to move the country forward. And third, they should help reduce conflicts in society, and create understanding about the government’s policies that give clear results. Can you not do these three or four things together, dears?”

Thailand is in the midst of another dark political era led by a military leadership of fascist dolts.


Prayuth and “truth”

29 07 2014

It was just a few days ago that The Leader was emphatic that his fascist junta “sought to maintain a balance between the powers of the interim government and those of the NCPO [the junta].” He added that the junta “has no desire for power or personal interest…”.

It turns out that General Prayuth Chan-ocha was simply lying.

We know that no one should ever believe anything an illegal military dictatorship says. Less so Prayuth, for he has a history of baldfaced lies. Apparently it is easy to lie to the whole nation because “polling” agencies can produce equally flawed and manufactured results that show mammoth support for the military dictatorship.

We are, of course, referring to a report in the Bangkok Post that states Prayuth is “expected to take up the roles of both prime minister and NCPO chief in the new cabinet line-up.”Prayuth

So there will be no/zero/none/zilch balance, unless it is on the head of a pin. No balance; just a monopoly of power for the military brass.

In addition, “former army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda is tipped to become a deputy prime minister and defence minister.”

That’s the Queen’s Guard and the Burapha Phayak task force link. It is also the palace link.

Other military brass, current and recent monopolize other positions: deputy defence minister, deputy prime minister, transport minister, foreign minister, permanent secretary for defense, interior minister, permanent secretary for defense, justice minister. In addition, some of these post will be held concurrently.

No balance. No truth.

And just in case you wondered, it is tipped that fully 110 of the 200 members of the dictatorship’s National Legislative Assembly will be wearing military green. A further 20 will be added later.

No truth.

Prayuth “has submitted a list of 200 NLA members for royal endorsement. The list is expected to get the seal of approval this week.” Of course it will. The king just loves the military when it monopolizes power.

That’s the real truth.

Others who aren’t military are anti-democrats who called for a coup for years, including bright yellow dolts like Surachai Liangboonlertchai and Khamnoon Sitthisamarn. Other royalists include “academics” Thammasat University rector Somkit Lertpaitoon.

Lies, royalists, palace, military. No surprises in any of this. Why does Prayuth even bother with the lies? No one with even an ounce of IQ expects anything other than dictatorship from the military.


Believe us, we are fascists

19 07 2014

We earlier posted from this story at the Bangkok Post yet consider that there’s another post in it.

Junta boss General Prayuth Chan-ocha has “appealed to the international community to welcome Thailand back onto the global stage, saying maintaining ties with Thailand will benefit everyone.”

By “everyone,” we assume he means everyone who is a part of his fascist dictatorship.

Speaking on his weekly propaganda segment that all television stations must broadcast, The Leader claimed his junta “was initiating national reforms for the country’s sustainable development.”

By “sustainable,” we assume he means royalist nonsense such as “sufficiency economy.” The only other thing that seems “sustainable” is the military’s capacity for murdering it citizens and maintaining right-wing royalism. That’s what the coup was about (again).

The Leader “said the regime did not want countries which are Thailand’s friends to restrict the constructive role of the military or the NCPO…”.

By “constructive role of the military,” we assume he refers to the military dictatorship’s institution of fascist ideology and the suppression of opposition, the censorship of all media, the scrapping of all elections, scrapping the rule of law, throwing people in jail for lese majeste, and similar repression of a once reasonably free people.

The Leader then said something even stranger than all of this:

It is time for Thailand and its friends to look toward the future and find ways to avoid a repeat of previous incidents that obstructed the country’s democratic process, Gen Prayuth said.

He urged other countries to stand by the Thai people and support their efforts to turn Thailand into a country full of hope, and to create lasting stability and security for Thailand, the region and the global community.

We are unsure how to translate this. After all, the obstruction of the country’s democracy has mainly been due to the murderous role of the military that Prayuth now controls. Thailand will only be stable when the military is brought under civilian control, professionalized and is made subject to the law. Until then, the military will continue to have the political and legal impunity that makes it the primary force for fascist politics.

Further updated: Fascist Thailand with the King as Head of State

19 07 2014

Every day the military junta appears to dress itself as a fascist dictatorship. The leather riding boots, jutting jaws and fake campaign medals are sure to come if they continue on their self-appointed task of destroying all opposition to royalist dominance.

These affectations of fascism are minor affectations when compared with the repression, censorship and the fear the junta instils in opponents.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha is The Leader who must be obeyed. The latest evidence of his incapacity to deal with any whimper of opposition is reported in Prachatai, where the junta has issued its 97th announcement that allows total censorship.

Quite apart from the fact that these fascists have issued 1.67 announcements a day since they illegally seized power, this 97th announcement declares that thuggish authorities “can shut down any media, whether print, television, radio or online, if it disseminates information deemed threatening to the monarchy or national security, or criticises the work of the NCPO.” The NCPO is the ridiculous acronym for the military dictatorship’s junta.

The report points out that this announcement “is similar to the 14th and 18th announcements which prohibit media from interviewing academics and government officials in a controversial way. They also prohibit media from disseminating information that could incite violence or create rifts in society.”

The junta “has also granted to provincial governors, Interior Ministry officials and the police the power to halt any activity that opposes the work of the NCPO.”

Meanwhile, the anti-democrats who worked hand-in-glove with the military to overthrow the elected government appear in delirious rapture with the development of Fascist Thailand with the King as Head of State.

Update 1: The Bangkok Post has added some information to the above account. It states:

In its announcement No. 97 late on Friday, the junta further tightened its grip on all forms of media including social networks.

They may not interview or invite scholars, former civil servants or former employees of courts, judicial offices and independent organisations to give opinions in a manner that may create or escalate conflicts, distort facts, confuse society or lead to violence.

It is also mandatory for them to disseminate all information issued by the NCPO.

As well, they may not propagate confidential information of government agencies whether they are voice, images or video clips.

Provincial governors are also required to stop any assembly in opposition of the NCPO without delay and seek help if they cannot handle it.

If you haven’t got the message yet, it should be clear: this is the most repressive regime since the royalist and palace supported fascism seen following the 1976 massacre at Thammasat University and subsequent military coup.

Update 2: Bangkok Pundit points out an important point in the new announcement that both PPT and the Bangkok Post missed. In his full translation of the junta’s 97th order,  BP observes that the reference to criticism of the monarchy is far broader than even the notorious lese majeste law, applying to all royals.

The Democrat Party affirms its opposition to democracy

17 07 2014

The Democrat Party is widely known to have doubts about democracy, to have trashed parliament, to have supported anti-democratic movements and to be loyal to the Army and palace. How it came up with its name is anyone’s guess. Why it keeps it is an even bigger mystery.

When its deputy leader Pinit Intarasombat – we think this is Nipit (นายนิพิฏฐ์ อินทรสมบัติ) – is quoted at Khaosod as havingthrown his support behind a military-dominated National Legislative Assembly…”, it is easier to understand just how anti-democratic the Democrat Party is. Why is Nipit so keen on the military dictatorship? He tells us:Nipit

“There has to be a guarantee that they can control the majority in the Assembly,” said , referring to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), which seized power in a coup d’état on 22 May.

“The government has to be confident that it has a majority [in the Parliament],” he said. “If the NCPO cannot control the majority, the methods of reforms will not be achieved.”

He was commenting on “reports that at least half of the National Assembly seats in the interim government will be filled by military officers loyal to the NCPO.” He said he couldn’t give a shit about democracy, didn’t worry about “the persons [in the upcoming appointed National Assembly]…. I am concerned with how they will reform the country. I will evaluate them based on the interim charter and their policies in terms of reform.”

What he means is that he, as a card-carrying supporter of the anti-democratic People’s Alliance for Democracy, is happy for the military to be returning power to the royalist establishment. “Reform” is a term to describe the rolling back of democracy in favor of fascist institutions and control.

Don’t mention the coup

12 06 2014

The military dictatorship would be comical if it weren’t such a bunch of dangerous troglodytes bent on smashing Thailand’s politics into a shape not seen since the military-backed dictatorship following the 6 October 1976 royalist-inspired massacre.

The Bangkok Post tells us that no one should call its putsch a coup. Junta spokesman Colonel Werachon Sukondhapatipak says that ditching the constitution, overthrowing the legal government, establishing martial law, detaining hundreds and enforcing massive censorship was not a thuggish and illegal coup but a “take over the administration” to “establish a sustainable democracy after social divisions are mended…”.

Oops, sorry, we got that wrong on two counts. First, it isn’t detention, it is more like a short holiday. The colonel explained that “the secrecy surrounding the location, lack of access by relatives and families of the political activists under detention or arrest, he said the military was operating within martial law, and asked the media not to call it detention.” Second, the military “take over of administration” isn’t a thuggish act of lawlessness because, the straight-faced colonel explains because, “We will do things within the legal parameters.”

Don’t mention the war coup. We might have mentioned it once, but we think we got away with it all right.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist poking a little fun at these military clowns who can’t see that their behavior is reprehensible, barbaric and fascist.

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