Eliminating human garbage

5 05 2015

Some time ago PPT posted on a group of fascists bent on cleaning Thailand of persons they deemed insufficiently royalist. The leader of these royalist fascists named his group the Rubbish Collection Organisation.

It seems that The Dictator and many of his cabal have sipped from the same fascist cup.

Matichon reports – only in Thai – that at a recent event, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand’s self-appointed prime minister, has babbled not just about the “hard work” his junta has been doing, but took the opportunity to lash out at elected politicians by seeming to criticize Abhisit Vejjajiva. Abhisit had made comments about both draft constitution and Prayuth’s regime, suggesting the potential for failure. (By “failure” Abhisit seemed to refer to the possibility that Thaksin and the “Thaksin regime” would not be fully eliminated.)

While PPT has no time for the reprehensible Abhisit, Prayuth’s comments reflect a deep hatred of elections and elected persons and deserve scrutiny. Prayuth made some very 1960s comments about the need for all the people and the administrators to join hands in moving the country forward.

He added:  “เราต้องช่วยกันลดความขัดแย้งทั้งปวง ทำอย่างไรให้ลดขยะเคลื่อนที่ ต้องให้ขยะมนุษย์หมดไปจากประเทศให้ได้ วันนี้ผมบริหารราชการต้องฟังทุกคน ฟังทั้งคนด่า คนชม ฟังมากก็หงุดหงิดมาก…” (our rough translation: We have to cooperate in reducing all conflicts. What should we do to reduce the rubbish? We have to remove the human garbage from the country. As leader it is very frustrating to have to listen to everyone and to be watched by all).

Prayuth is not the only one who sees himself as eliminating human garbage. Apirat Kongsompong, a military officer who has been promoted rapidly for his murderous actions against red shirts, also refers to clearing the rubbish from the country.

It is exactly these kinds of comments that are reflected in a draft constitution that seeks to limit electoral democracy. These comments also indicate that this military dictatorship will not cede power to anything other than a puppet regime, “elected” or not; fascists don’t cede control to anyone.

Spades and shovels

5 03 2015

PPT has routinely referred to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the man who directed murderous attacks against citizens in 2010, who mutinied against the legal government in 2014, led an illegal coup and is responsible for a widespread repression of political opponents, as The Dictator.

We fear that that description, while calling a spade a spade, is insufficient. We need to shout that this military spade is a fascist shovel.

The fascist general has “explained” that the media should not “be impartial.” He “explained:

“What they should say is, first, media should report news that is factual. Second, they should support the government’s efforts to move the country forward. And third, they should help reduce conflicts in society, and create understanding about the government’s policies that give clear results. Can you not do these three or four things together, dears?”

Thailand is in the midst of another dark political era led by a military leadership of fascist dolts.


Not a scholar, a fascist

12 02 2015

Long-time readers will know that PPT has little time for “scholars” or “academics” who prostitute themselves to various administrations.

They will also know that most of these “scholars” or “academics” usually have few of the accoutrements usually associated with university scholars such as research, publications and so on.

These readers will also know that we consider academic-for-hire Panitan Wattanayagorn an example of this kind of “academic” charlatanism. He has thrown himself at the feet of various royalist and military regimes, licking their boots, benefiting from salary and privilege, while maintaining the benefits attached to his “academic” position at Chulalongkorn University.Panitan

Often the mainstream media facilitate Panitan’s chameleon role as academic/spokesman/adviser for royalist and fascist rulers.

The Bangkok Post reports that Panitan is a “government adviser” and adviser to the Ministry of Defence. That is, he is working for the military dictatorship.

It also says he is a “political science expert.” PPT guesses that his PhD from a third-tier US university is evidence of some capacity in political science, yet there is no “academic” neutrality or intellectual consideration for Panitan. His “expertise” is in “advising” fascists.

This is why he “has defended the continuation of martial law after a group of lawyers released a damning report that exposed violations of human rights and international obligations under martial law.”

None of this nonsense for the fascist Panitan, who states that “the political situation is not yet stable enough to lift martial law despite human rights concerns.”

We doubt Panitan has any conception of “human rights,” and if he does, he would prefer to trash them. Here’s how he justifies military dictatorship:

Under a country with martial law, you’d expect certain pressure on human rights just to keep peace, order and civility…. Of course the military realises that in the end, in principle, martial law is not good for Thailand because it’s a strong pill. If you take a strong medicine too long, it may destroy your internal organs….

… [But] Thailand is very sick….

PPT reckons the “illness” is the military itself. Panitan parrots military nonsense, not just because he is paid by the dictatorship but because he worships it.

Panitan justifies the military dictatorship that has imposed and maintained martial law summoned 666 people, arrested 134 for peacefully protesting, 362 for “other political charges” and at least 36 people “prosecuted for lèse majesté…”.

Royalists face the law

21 01 2015

Not in Thailand, but in a constitutional monarchy with rule of law and freedom of expression: Britain.

Several UK news outlets report on the case of monarchy critic Rose Amornpat and what they acknowledge has been a “campaign of abuse” against her. The abuse began when she “dared to criticise the Thai royal family…”. The reports say that her ordeal “is finally over.”

The reports include a video interview.

Given the craziness that infects Thailand’s royalists, we suspect there will be further harassment. However, it is great to know that some of her problems have been effectively dealt with.

The British government refused to deal with an extradition appeal from the military dictatorship in Thailand.

One of her royalist harassers, DJ Ken or Thitipan Rungrawd, has “pleaded guilty to criminal damage and possession of an imitation firearm.”

As would be expected in such a situation, “he was sentenced to 10 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, 200 hours unpaid community service and required to pay £200 compensation at Bromley Magistrates Court on September 16 2014.”

Earlier in this month, “two women aged 54 and 42 were cautioned for harassment, and a 41-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of harassment but released without charge.”

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is quoted making some excellent points: “The UK is committed to the freedom of speech and defends the right of individuals to express their views without the threat of intimidation or harassment.”

The spokesman added: “We have made clear to the MFA [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] in Bangkok and the Thai Embassy in London, that we will not tolerate attempts to enforce Thai military decrees in the UK that are aimed at preventing freedom of expression.”

We doubt Thailand’s royalists can fathom such statements of principle.


Letting the dogs out

15 01 2015

Lese majeste cases continue to pile up under the military dictatorship. At the end of 2014, PPT canvassed some reasons for the frantic use of lese majeste. At the time we wrote of the monarchist military dictatorship’s lese majeste war.

In understanding why and why now, PPT has mentioned the necessity of preparing for succession. We also pointed to the need to shore up a political, economic and social order that the elite of rich royalists, stupendously wealthy Sino-Thai tycoons (including the king’s palace), and numerous hangers-on, like the military brass, think has been under threat. We have also mentioned succession house cleaning.

The spike in lese majeste cases is a result of the military dictatorship declaring lese majeste war. It has actively sought out cases, some of which are trivial in all respects, others being political vendettas, and it has begun sifting through old cases to prosecute them more stringently. And, the military dictatorship has encouraged a lese majeste frenzy amongst royalist, resulting in vigilantism. They have let the lese majeste dogs out.

This is seen in yet another attack on lese majeste victim Surachai Danwattananusorn, reported at Prachatai.SurachaiSurachai has been subject to repeated lese majeste allegations, charges and convictions since 2008.

In the past few days, the odious Major-Generl Rientong Nan-nah, the leader of the ultra-royalist vigilante group known as the Rubbish Collection Organization, has filed lese majeste complaint against Surachai. He has asked that the whole royalist book of charges be thrown at the now aged Surachai: he is accused “of producing online programs attacking and defaming the revered Thai monarchy breaking Article 112 and Article 14 of the Computer Crime Act for importing illegal contents to computer system.” He is also accused of rebellion and instigating rebellion.

More broadly, the military dictatorship yet again assert a broad anti-monarchy conspiracy and plot. According to Prachatai, the super snoop sleuths have “arrested a man for posting lese majeste on Facebook and said he was part of a movement to discredit the Thai monarchy on the Internet.”

The Technology Crime Suppression police arrested Jamroen S., “a middle age man accused of using the Facebook profile titled ‘Uncha Unyo’ to post and share [allegedly] lese majeste” materials.

Jamroen is alleged to have “admitted that he was the one who shared the alleged lese majeste contents online and cited that he had been doing it for a year.” The flatfoots assert that Jamroen “is connected to Pongsak S., another … suspect arrested earlier for posting lese majeste contents on … Facebook…”.

The police accuse Jamroen of compiling “lese majeste content before sending them to Pongsak through Facebook chat. Pongsak would then [allegedly] modified the content for publicizing on Facebook.”

The police believe these two are “part of a movement to undermining the monarchy on the Internet.” The plods are in search of others.

Puppet master

11 01 2015

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, self-appointed as premier, and heading a government of sycophants and puppets doesn’t read PPT. He certainly has others read it for him so that they can report on the republican “plot.” They are probably unwilling to tell him that as well as referring to him as The Dictator (which he’d probably like) but not that we also see him as a royalist puppet master. Indeed, if he did understand this, why would he allow himself to appear on stage, performing for children, as The Puppet Master?

Prayuth Puppetry

Prayuth as puppet master, clipped from the Bangkok Post webpage

We also wonder about the crown on the puppet. Lese majeste perhaps?

Both the Bangkok Post and Khaosod English report on The Dictator’s speech to children.

Thailand’s National Children’s Day has long been an occasion for royalist and militaristic propaganda, and under the military dictatorship, Prayuth added his personal propaganda, the so-called Twelve Values, a set of trite commands that he reckons give “correct understanding” of society.

This is the stuff of tin pot dictators the world over, and Prayuth is little different.

Hi entreaty to Thailand’s children that, “If we only learn about freedom and democracy, without learning about duty, or if we only focus on materials and technology, we will not survive,” is a heartfelt rejection of liberalism and electoral politics. But, then, we all knew he hates freedom and democracy, which he sees as threatening to the military’s authoritarianism and royal prerogative.

As a man with limited knowledge and no understanding of morality, when Prayuth lectures children of these, he is mocking the nation and ignoring his personal responsibility for the murder of red shirts in 2010. He justifies his immorality when he asks:” what is morality?” and answers that it “is knowing what is good, and doing it. Don’t do what is bad. Always act morally and think of other people.” Prayuth really does believe that he has saved the nation and monarchy.

This is why he tells children (and himself) that “they could not allow anybody to divide the country when the government was trying to heal rifts though reforms.”

Interestingly, most children in Bangkok neglected The Dictator, with one survey claiming that “only 4% said they wanted to visit Government House.”

Prayuth is convinced – supported by the sycophants who serve him – that he is a popular, even a populist, leader. In truth, he is a murderous dictator.

Rancid royalist politics

8 01 2015

In the recent past, when the elite has discussed its various constitutions, the sections dealing with the monarchy have been considered “controversial” in the sense that the notion of a constitutional monarchy is poorly developed in Thailand and the current reign has seen a determined effort to limit the constitutional constraints on the monarchy. If PPT’s collective memory is correct, the discussions of the sections dealing with the monarchy in the deliberation of the 1997 constitution were held in-camera.

When the military junta seized power in May 2014, it scrapped almost all of the 2007 constitution, with the significant exception of the sections on the monarchy.

As the military dictatorship considers its new constitution, the puppet Constitution Drafting Committee has so far said little about the monarchy. It has considered proposals about a number of changes to the political system, although the outcomes of these are anything but clear.

Yet, if a report at Khaosod is a good indication, rabid royalists are determined to have an even more powerful monarch, less constrained by the new constitution.

Retired commander of the Thai armed forces General Saiyud Kerdphol, long a buddy to the great political meddler and Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda, “has urged drafters of the new constitution to allow … the King to intervene directly in politics…“.

The king has long intervened, and to give them their due, Khaosod points this out.

So this call is not for the standard intervention of the palace-monarchy conservative coalition, but for something more significant.

Saiyud wants the new constitution to define the “channels for the King to intervene” on the basis that he should “solve any political crisis in the country…”.

In fact, most political crises in the country, at least in the past few decades have been as a result of actions by the military, palace and royalists. Sure, there have been others, such as the red shirt risings of 2009 and 2010, but these have been responses to the interventions of these other groups of perennial meddlers. After all, it is the military, always with palace support or acquiescence, that conducted illegal coups in 1991, 2006 and 2014.

In the pickled world of old farts, political zombies, military jackasses and lumbering dinosaurs that Saiyud inhabits, his claim that he wants the king to be politically interventionist “in order to prevent further coups in Thailand” would make sense. However, no moderately sane person possessed of a few brain cells could possibly by this nonsense.old-farts-and-jackasses

According to this mad monarchist,

… the King should have the constitutional authority to exercise power “through the military, or the Statesman that he has appointed.” In Thailand, the honorary title of “Statesman” is currently held by Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, the former unelected Prime Minister who is now serving as a top adviser to King Bhumibol.

There’s his elder military brother popping up in a role that Saiyud has promoted for Prem previously.

In Saiyud’s world, this “will help prevent more military coups in Thailand by allowing [the king] to solve political crises as soon they arise, thereby freeing the Thai military from ‘needing’ to intervene.”

The nonsense is that coups result when the palace wants to sort out its political problems and resolve its political fears. This would amount to a return to an absolute monarchy in all but name and would require that the king have control over all aspects of the coercive elements of the state.

Saiyud seems to not understand that monarchies went the way of the dodo because blood is not a trustworthy mechanism for choosing a political leader.


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