Another lesè majesté case

6 04 2009

PPT has received unconfirmed reports that there has been a further lesè majesté case in Khon Kaen. It is reported that a male named Kitti Saensukrotewong (38 years old) the owner of an electrical goods shop has been arrested for printing and distributing pamphlets considered to insult the monarchy.

Apparently he was distributing the literature at the Lotus Superstore in Muang Phol. He was arrested following complaints by a PAD group in the area on 4 April 2009 at about 3PM.

Kitti is said to have admitted that he was involved, saying that he believed the material in the document and wanted others to be aware of it as well. He is also said to have had links to the UDD/red shirts.

552000004100401Update: Another unconfirmed source – a rabidly pro-PAD and pro-monarchy web site – claims that there have been 4 arrests in Khon Kaen related to the Muang Phol incident of handing out anti-monarchy documents.

It claims that this picture (right) is of a group of UDD/red shirt supporters handing out the alleged document that insults the monarchy.

552000004112401_1It also claims that the picture (left is) of Kitti Saensukrotewong mentioned above as the man arrested.

Again, we urge readers who have further information to forward it to PPT would be pleased to post it (with no attribution).

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