Who would have thought…

6 03 2012

Who would have thought that the military junta-appointed drafters of the 2007 constitution would have had an “association”?

They do, and at The Nation it is reported that the “Association of the 2007 Constitution Drafters came out to oppose the amendment of Article 291 of the charter yesterday, saying it’s tantamount to abolishing the charter.” Who would have thought that such a group of military flunkies could have declared anything else.

The chairman of the “Association” is Kiatichai Pongpanich, and he is reported to have joined with the military junta appointed senator Surachai Liangboonlertchai (also a 2007 drafter) and Komsan Phokong of the Sayam Prachapiwat “group of royalist academics” in a press conference.

Komsan was last mentioned by PPT when Sayam Prachapiwat issued a savagely backward, even fascist, “manifesto” that began by attacking all those who proposed amending or abolishing the draconian lese majeste law.

These three groups of military-associated ultra-royalists make the startling claim that any attempt to “amend article 291 of the [2007] charter might be ‘unconstitutional’.” They added that they thought that amendment would impact the monarchy.

Komsan reckons the military junta’s constitution is democratic and declared any effort to change it as “unconstitutional,” probably “illegal” and the “equivalent to staging a coup d’etat…”. Such a perspective is simply bizarre. Who would have thought that an academic, a senator and a charter drafter couldn’t understand constitutional reform?

And, who would have thought that opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva would jump into bed with such nonsense. This report states that Abhisit has again stated that the process of constitutional reform is impacting the monarchy.

PPT hardly ever agrees with Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, but we do this time. Chalerm stated that he “had repeated this claim 10 times and others, like Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Yongyuth Vichaidit, had said the same thing”: that is, “the issue of the monarchy institution would not be touched in the charter rewrite and nothing will be done to amend the lese majeste law.”

While we think this is wrong and that the monarchy and the lese majeste law should be the subject of review too, Chalerm is right that he has said that they aren’t.

It is no surprise that Abhisit and the Democrat Party make the monarchy the center of their political campaigns. Why not? It has served them well in the past.

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