Meechai as military lackey

12 09 2018

Meechai Ruchupan has loyally served several military and military-backed regimes.

Meechai has faithfully served royalist and military regimes, being a in various legal and political positions to prime ministers Sanya Dharmasakti, Kukrit Pramoj, Seni Pramoj, Thanin Kraivichien, General Kriangsak Chamanan, General Prem Tinsulanonda and Anand Panyarachun. His main task in all of these positions has been to embed Thai-style (non) democracy. rather than an electoral democracy where the people are sovereign.

He also worked for Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan, but when Chatichai was ousted in a miltiary coup led by General Suchinda Kraprayoon and his National Peace-Keeping Council (NPKC) in 1991, Meechai was hoisted by his military allies into the acting premier’s position before Anand was given the top job by the military, probably on royal advice.

Later, the military had Meechai appointed the leader of a charter-drafting committee, leading to the 1991 Constitution, which eventually led to the May 1992 massacre. In drafting that constitution, Meechai simply plagiarized bits of a charter that had been used earlier by a military regime. The major “achievement of that constitution was in allowing an “outsider” prime minister. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s what he has recycled into the 2017 constitution.

Like many of the “good” people, he is arrogant, practices nepotism, lies for his bosses and political allies, slithers before the monarchy, he’s a “constitutional expert” who practices and supports double standards and the retrospective application of laws. You get the picture.

Thai PBS now reports that, against all evidence, Meechai has claimed to not be a military lackey. As the report begins:

Every coup-maker of the past two decades needed his service. Seizing power doesn’t end with just toppling the incumbent governments. Coup announcements and executive orders need to be issued. And more importantly, interim constitutions need to be drafted.

And his track records have proven that nobody could have done a better job with all these necessary paperworks than Meechai Ruchuphan.

It is well more than two decades, but let’s go on.

Maybe he’s been to a fortune teller who predicts that Meechai will burn in the fires of hell for an eternity or perhaps he’s writing a self-congratulatory book. But whatever the reason, Meechai improbably claims that “he was inadvertently dragged [sic.] into a few coups despite the fact that he hardly knew any of the generals involved.”

He reckons that the multiple coup leaders just needed his legal expertise. In other words, he claims he’s just a tool for the men who repeatedly act illegally in overthrowing legal governments and smashing constitutions.

A tool he might be, but a willing and blunt tool. Willingly plagiarizing and willingly taking positions and pay from dull dictators.

But none of that means, at least in Meechai’s fairy tale, “that he would follow every marching order from the military.”

That he’s piling up buffalo manure is illustrated in his ridiculous claims about the 2006 coup.

He says the first he was ever at the army headquarters was during the 2006, which he knew nothing of. Really? Seriously? More unbelievable is his statement that he “didn’t even know at the time who was leading the coup. There were three of them there and I knew only afterward … [who] they were…”.

He is imitating the Deputy Dictator making stupid and unbelievable stuff in the belief that the public are gullible morons. That Meechai thinks anyone would believe that he, a military servant for decades, didn’t know three of the most powerful generals is laughable.

Then he lies about the 2014 coup: “His service was enlisted once again by the people he didn’t know.” Yes, that’s right, didn’t know anyone. He lies:  “I didn’t know Gen Prayut and didn’t even know what he looked like…”.

We assume that when he was President of the military-appointed National Legislative Assembly after the 2006 coup he kept his eyes closed the whole time so that he didn’t see NLA member Gen Prayuth.

He goes on and on with this stream of fermenting lies to claim “that even under military dictatorship … he was by no means an unquestioning subordinate of those in power.”

Meechai is unscrupulous and a military lackey. He doesn’t feel like a lackey because his ideas on anti-democracy fit the generals ever so perfectly.

The arrogance of the man is as stunning at Gen Prawit’s.

Updated: Republicanism and those shirts II

11 09 2018

Khaosod reports that the authorities have probably arrested another three people for “possessing black T-shirts linked to an underground republican group…”.

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights are seeking to visit three men held in prison, “reportedly charged with inciting sedition and ordered jailed until trial.”

But police say they haven’t arrested anyone and point to the military.

It is not known if or how these three or any of those arrested are connected with the “Organization for a Thai Federation, which seeks to establish a federal republic in part of Thailand,” that is claimed to be the source of the “plot” to raise the profile of republicans.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Dictator, Gen Prawit  Wongsuwan has claimed the t-shirts originate in Laos. Saying that his thugs had seized about 450 shirts in the recent arrest and detention of a woman, Prawit blamed “a group of Thai anti-monarchists fleeing prosecution for lese majeste…”.

Gen Prawit claimed this group wanted “an administration without the institution.” The terminology “the institution” is a royalist linguistic innovation to refer to a monarchy that is not a strictly constitutional monarchy.

More revealing is Gen Prawit’s claim that the republicans have a “network in Thailand.” We have to say that this is beginning to feel a little like so many other “plots” revealed by  the military regime.

The Deputy Dictator then named a name: “He identified a person behind the movement as Chucheep Cheewasut, who had fled the country. The man was prosecuted for lese majeste and sedition, and security authorities had monitored his activities for a long time…”. Chucheep does appear in PPT files, but from a very long time ago and with scant information. (We will update).

Prawit warned that “anyone else who became involved with the movement would … be arrested.”

Despite all of this, the general added that “the movement had no significant momentum. It existed only on social media and aimed to inspire people to think about a new state without the institution [monarchy]…”.

Update: The Bangkok Post reports that Col Burin Thongpraphai, a junta legal official “handed the woman identified only as Wannapa, who allegedly sold the T-shirts, over to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) Tuesday for legal action.” She is to be charged with numerous offences: “ang-yee (running an illegal secret organisation)…”.

Prawit and his arrogance

11 09 2018

Gen Prawit Wongsuwan is determined that he’ll never have to suffer the indignity of proper investigation by the hopeless National Anti-Corruption Commission.

But in affirming this, he has come up with one of the dumbest and most ludicrous series of claims we have ever heard.

Khaosod reports that the Deputy Dictator has stated that he has “returned” 25 luxury watches to the “friend” he borrowed them from.

Great story. Except for the fact that Prawit had already said that his friend was dead. By dead, he means deceased, he is no more, deceased, passed on, he has ceased to be. He’s not resting, he’s dead.

But Gen Prawit, the great thinker he is, reckons that by saying he’s returned the watches he’s able to avoid having to give them to the NACC to “investigate.” Not they they are interested. The NACC has been covering up from the beginning, supporting the boss.

This Einstein-like genius states: “The watches are not mine because I borrowed them and wore them for 10 years…. I have now returned them all.”

10 years! What a pal! Even if he is dead. Maybe the “return” of the watches is as real as a ghost friend.

But no problem for the Mensa general. Hey presto! No more watches! Voila! No “investigation.”

And, just for good measure, the dumpy general has been sending thugs after the persons who raised the pesky watch issue in the first place.

What’s really revealing about this pathetic effort by Gen Prawit, concocting a story that can’t possibly fool anyone, suggests he thinks he can get away with it.

He appears to believe that the entire population has a lower IQ than his own. His Arrogance Quotient is stratospheric.

Getting even II

9 09 2018

PPT isn’t closely following the story of the rape claims associated with Koh Tao. However, after the police there declared that there was no evidence of any rape, it is sobering to read that while the Thai police have shut up shop and gone into suppression and repression mode, the British police are investigating. Not only that, they plan to share the results of their investigation with the Thais cops, who have already made their decision very public: nothing happened.

As usual, the Thai police look silly and stupid. But, as we said previously, one of the important stories in this is how the it was CSI LA that played a leading role in revealing how many watches of huge value had appeared on the Deputy Dictator’s wrist. It is now CSI LA that the cops are going after and anyone who read, comments or shares that site.

In other words, it is Gen Prawit Wongsuwan getting even with those who called him corrupt, using the draconian computer crimes law that a previous military junta-established government put in place and which this junta updated.

And the Deputy Dictator too

6 09 2018

As The Dictator prepares for his life after an “election” that he hopes and schemes will look pretty much like his life right now, comes the news that Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, the man with truckloads of luxury watches, is considering staying on too.

He’s basically said that if The Dictator gets his way and stays on as prime minister then Prawit is likely to stay on too.

We guess that quite a few of the junta boys are keen to keep their jobs.

Gen Prawit said he and The Dictator, joined at the hip in repression, are a “team.”

In preparing for an “election” to keep the “team” going, Prawit rejected claims that he’s picked a “high-profile politician in the Northeast … to help the regime prepare for the poll.” That probably means it will happen.

The Deputy Dictator’s “word” can seldom be believed. But few seem concerned that he’s so disingenuous. Think of his watches and the failures to investigate.

Getting even I

4 09 2018

A report at Khaosod that police are seeking to arrest arrest 12 people for sharing “posts by a Facebook page called CSI LA,” regarding an alleged rape on Koh Tao, which police have “investigated” and dismissed out of hand. The police say they are also “seeking the arrest of CSI LA’s admin, a Thai man living in Los Angeles called Pramook ‘David’ Anantasin, and Samui Times editor Suzanne Buchanan, a Briton, on cybercrime charges” associated with the reporting. Both live outside Thailand.

This reporting reminds us of Gen Prawit Wongsuwan’s luxury watches.

If we recall correctly, it was CSI LA that played a leading role in revealing how many watches of huge value had appeared on the Deputy Dictator’s wrist. While the National Anti-Corruption Commission has been busy covering up and delaying, we can’t help but make a link between the watches and the arrests.

Updated: Saving a tree

31 08 2018

It has taken the National Anti-Corruption (cover-up) Commission more than a decade to make no decision on whether a lump of plastic with an old-fashioned car aerial stuck in it is really a scam when the military and 12 other agencies bought 1,358 of them (GT200 and Alpha 6 “detectors”) for 1.137 billion baht. It has taken about 9 months for the same NACC to not decide if the Deputy Dictator has failed to declare luxury watches.

But others in the Thai government can leap into action on other stuff. Prachuab Khiri Khan governor Pallop Singhaseni has “sent a letter of clarification to the interior minister and asked for a pardon from HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn” because a senior monk decided to get rid of what he thought was a dead tree. He’s also ordered an official probe into this heinous act.

Heinous? Yep, wrong tree! It is a tree claimed to have been “planted by the late King Bhumibol about 60 years ago.” Horror of horrors! Forget the floods and have endless meetings to save what’s left of the almost dead tree.

Nothing changes much in ridiculous royalist Thailand.

Update: So ridiculous is royalist Thailand that this one tree is being “rescued,” DNA tested, regenerated, fertilized, fungicized, and absurdly venerated. In royal shirts of the new uniform, dozens of officials are involved in the rescue mission for the “royal tree.” And, “a fact-finding panel had been set up into the cutting down…”.  So fearful are provincial officials that they are doing an inventory in “all districts to locate and list trees planted by the late king. There were about 300 trees, but the survey has not yet been completed.” Never have so few trees been so important for so many officials in Thailand.