Rose on royalist fascists

10 10 2015

The following is an edited version of a post received from Chatwadee Rose Amornpat:

Thailand’s notorious anti-democratic Rubbish Collection Organization was formed to hunt down those it considered disloyal to the monarchy.

The word “rubbish” here does not have the conventional meaning. It means anyone who disagrees with the monarchy and its associated arms and supporters.

RoseThe Rubbish Collection Organization (RCO) is expanding its targets. It is now hunting down opponents of the current military regime as well as those who oppose the royals and its monarchy. Countless number of democracy activists are now in jail throughout the country. It seeks to have political opponents jailed.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha often states that he has a “roadmap” to follow and that he will execute it step by step. One of the steps in his roadmap is to eradicate former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s remnants, which is code for all opponents.

To serve Prayuth’s goals, the RCO comes in handy. Thai authorities, acting on complaints from the RCO, have persuaded Facebook to close down Thai access to so many popular FB pages during the past years. For example, the popular “Suda Rangkupan” FB pages have been periodically shut down during the past months. Dr. Suda was the former professor of Linguistics at Chulalongkorn University who was forced to resign due to her democracy activism. She was asked to report to the military junta for their so-called “attitude adjustment.” She refused and chose to flee the country.

Another professor, Dr. Pavin Chachavalpongpun, an associate professor at Kyoto University was summoned to report to the coup maker of May 22, 2014, at the urging of RCO.

The RCO came into being in April 2014, at the height of political chaos created by opponents of the democratically elected Pheu Thai government. The order to create the RCO is said to have come from General Surayud Chulanont, who headed one of the military-backed government in the wake of the 2006 coup that ousted Thaksin Shinawatra. Surayud is now the No. 2 man at the Privy Council after Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, which advises the ailing king.

Despite state blockages, Thais have continued to seek some information from the outside world, causing headaches for the monarchy and their network of royalists and elites. At the early stage of the internet in Thailand, those in power were not prepared for the impact of the free flow of information. Royalists underestimated the impact and influence of the medium.

The military junta has tried to control and block access to information. Thousands of websites, blogs and Facebook pages have been blocked by authorities.

With the country awaiting the death of the king and the passage of the throne to his son Vajiralongkorn, the military government has created one of the world’s tightest restrictive nets on the Internet. An unknown number of bloggers have been arrested on lèse majesté charges and the Computer Crimes Act.

Further, through the help of businessmen both in Thailand and the US, authorities reportedly ordered elaborate blocking and monitoring equipment from US companies, possibly illegal under US laws that specify that equipment will not be put in the hands of countries to be used to obstruct freedom of speech and expression.

It appears that the Thai government also broke a good-faith agreement with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for sophisticated internet monitoring devices to be furnished to the Thai police to combat the flow of illegal drugs and narcotics. Instead, the equipment appears to have been used later in detecting IP addresses of those who may post “unfriendly” and/or unflattering comments about the royal family.

It was also reported that Thailand will implement a “Single Gateway” system for all the internet information to pass through, a system of tightest control and censorship which is similar to that of China and North Korea.

Because of the free flow of information and a real threat to the monarchy, General Suarayud asked his associate and retired major-general from the Thai Army, Rientong Nan-nah, to form the RCO, which gets its funding from royalists and the Army to hunt down people who it thinks are violating the lèse majesté law in the cyber world and to root out those who criticize members of the royal family.

Rientong Nan-nah and the RCO are the Thailand’s brown shirts.

To all the peace-loving people and nations of the world including the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all the democratic countries, please help the Thai people resist this oppression and oppose Rientong and his fascist organization.



Rightist, royalist and daft monk

2 10 2015

“Daft” is a useful English expression. It is excellent for characterizing the royalist machinations of the political monk Buddha Issara.

The Bangkok Post reports that the royalist monk led anti-democrats and pro-coup groups to the U.S. Embassy to protest actions they perceive as “anti-monarchy” by the United States government and Human Rights Watch.

The rightist monk declared the U.S. Embassy politically biased: “The US embassy has met several red-shirt activists but they did not visit us at the [anti-democrat] People’s Democratic Reform Committee [PDRC] stages, so we are here to explain our stance to them…”.

During the PDRC protests, it arranged for several demonstrations at the U.S. Embassy as the anti-democrats decided the United States government was pro-Thaksin Shinawatra. This view drew on a rabid libertarian and anti-Americanism associated with former leftists who supported the anti-democrats and circulated in yellow-shirt emails and in social media.

Buddha Issara and ultra-royalist Rientong Nan-nah, “leader of the People’s Organisation for Royal Thai Monarchy Protection”, a fascist organization, met U.S. Embassy representatives.

The mad monk declared: “We want them to expel Sunai Phasuk from the HRW as this person has always expressed unfair and biased comments against Thailand…”.

By “Thailand” he seems to mean to royalists and anti-democrats. Sunai is a Thai and works for HRW. His support for the 2006 coup is seen in Wikileaks cables.

At the same time, Sunai has been critical of red shirts, yellow shirts, lese majeste, Thaksin Shinawatra, the current military dictatorship and various anti-democrat groups. It seems that this work for HRW is considered insufficiently royalist.

Buddha Issara alleged Sunai “took sides with one political group…”. As PPT posts over several years show, this is a blatant lie.

The monk accuses Sunai of “moaning when the red-shirt Peace TV was shut down but not caring how many casualties the PDRC suffered, criticising the lese majeste law so he must be in the same gang as the Nitirat group [of academics], which is politically lopsided and critical of the beloved institution.”

Lying and incoherence can be added to Buddha Issara’s fascism, thuggish acts and acts of extortion.

The monk made claims that are revealing of his warped rightist view of politics: “Of course, the American diplomats said they could not meddle with an NGO, but the HRW is based in their country, so they can take action…”. He seems to think that politics in the United States operates as it does under military dictatorship in Thailand. He also seems unaware of the status of HRW:

We are a fully independent non-governmental organization, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide. In order to maintain our independence, we accept no money from any government, directly or indirectly.

Buddha Issara said “his demonstration was not a political one like those of other groups at the Democracy Monument which are still calling for elections, so he believed the government understood the feelings of ‘loyal subjects’.” PPT it sure that he is correct in assuming that the military dictatorship supports his activism; after all, the military protected and supported the anti-democrats on the streets in 2013-14.

Singing royal songs, the monarchist monk declared that his fascists is “the voice of the Thai people that Washington should take heed of…”.

He declared that “no one should support people who want to amend the lese majeste law or defame the Thai monarchy, or else they would be considered as interfering in Thai domestic affairs.”

Interfering in the domestic affairs of the United States, however, seems acceptable for these royalists, with Rienthong stating that he had “submitted to the US embassy the names of some people who he claimed had committed lese majeste and still live in the US.” He declared: “We will give them more names and organisations and will ensure the US won’t allow those people to sabotage the revered institution…”.

Rightists and royalists tend to be nasty and dangerous nationalists. They also tend to be ignorant and daft.

Updated: Monarchist monk mad about the U.S.

1 10 2015

Readers will recall the activities of Buddha Issara, a political monk who campaigned against elections and the elected government and who supported the anti-democrat movement. He is a rabid royalist.

Rightist monks are not new in Thailand, with Buddha Issara’s antics reminding us of Back in the 1970s, another defining element of rightist extremism was the rise of fascist monks. Most notorious was the palace-linked monk Kittivudho Bhikkhu, who claimed that killing Communists was not much of a sin. He meant all “leftists” who were also considered a threat to the monarchy. He was also a fraudster and shyster.

Prachatai reports that the “pro-coup Buddhist monk known for leading anti-election mobs prior to the 2014 coup d’état has urged the US [government] and Human Rights Watch, a human rights civil society group, not to touch Thailand’s lèse majesté law or intervene in its domestic affairs.”

Not much there that anyone would not guess from the right-wing royalist, but the rest of the report suggests that Buddha Issara is one very dumb monk – one of the “uneducate” – or is more than a little kooky.

Buddha IssaraOn Monday, the monk posted a letter on his Facebook page, addressed to Glyn Davies, the new U.S. ambassador to Thailand.

In the letter he urged “the US and Human Rights Watch not to intervene in Thai politics and to stop calling on the Thai junta to amend ‘Articles 112 and 116’ of ‘the Constitution’.” Neither Article is in any constitution, and he refers to the draconian and feudal lese majeste law and the sedition law.

He called for a rally at the U.S. Embassy today.

The racist, rightist and royalist monk stated:

We have to show those ‘Farang’ (westerners) that we Thai people will not let anyone insult and intimidate our beloved monarchy. Do not breach diplomatic protocol and intervene in our domestic affairs,” Buddha Issara stated. “This time if something happens, I ‘Phraya Ratchasi (the king of the lions) of Chaengwattana Stage’ (one of the PDRC stages in Bangkok before the coup) will be responsible.

According to the report, he added another error when he stated:

that the reason he will not go to the Human Rights Watch office, which according to him is in the UN Headquarters in Bangkok, is because it is a ‘satun’ (vulgar) organisation established by the US government.

HRW has no office in Bangkok.

Update: According to Khaosod, the rightist monk did lead a group of demonstrators “at the U.S. Embassy to urge the United States to stop calling for Thailand to amend its laws against insulting the monarchy.” Provided with “tight police security,” the royalist monk established his hierarchy of “institutions”:

“Thailand is not the colony of any country. We have Nation, Religion and the Monarchy as our own beloved institutions,” read the letter addressed to recently installed U.S. Ambassador Glyn Davies. “Especially the monarchy, which has been building national security for hundreds of years until now.”

The monarchist monk declared:

We call for this New York-based organization and U.S. Embassy officers to stop intervening in our domestic affair and apologize to the Thai people for disrespecting our dignity by insulting our king…. And we, the Thai people, hope the ambassador and U.S. government will prioritize this issue.

He is confused, thinking he speaks for “the Thai people,” and seems to consider discussion of feudal laws like the lese majeste statute to be defining of a “people.” These would be odd utterances and beliefs anywhere except when oozing from the mad monarchists in Thailand.

This royalist was joined by ultra-royalists, led by Rientong Nan-nah, who want to lock up anyone with views different from their own warped beliefs.

Updated: True colors

24 01 2015

The military dictatorship has aggressively suppressed every demonstration and even individual protests that it considers oppositional, anti-coup or anti-“reconciliation.” It has called in hundreds of “opponents” and jailed some. Early on in its dictatorship, the junta sometimes requested that its supporters not demonstrate.

No more it seems.

Khaosod reports that pro-monarchy demonstrations are just fine under the junta. Yesterday, “[d]ozens of Thai royalists defied the junta’s ban on protests to stage a rally in front of the New Zealand Embassy … demanding NZ authorities extradite an alleged anti-monarchist [Ekaphop Luera] back to Thailand.”

Defied? Probably not. The report states that “[o]ver 70 security officers … quietly observed the protests until the protesters … dispersed on their own.” No arrests. Perhaps a leader will be called in and thanked quietly told not to create too much of a fuss.

The protesters “were led by Maj.Gen. Rienthong Naenna, a retired military commander, director of a hospital, and founder of a Facebook page called ‘Garbage Collection Organization,’ which advocates tougher measures for those who criticize the Thai monarchy.” He was joined by  “Satit Segal, an India-born businessman and core leader of the ultra-conservative protest group that campaigned” for the overthrow of the Yingluck Shinawatra government.

The protest leaders promised to escalate their protests if the New Zealand government did not return Ekaphop.

As we understand it, returning a political refugee would be an affront to international obligations and could be easily challenged under New Zealand law. So the royalist flunkies might be pissing in the wind as far as New Zealand is concerned, but they are more concerned with domestic performance.

Update: On the “illegality” of demonstrating, General Prayuth Chan-ocha recently ranted against Yingluck Shinawatra supporters and warned: “If someone [Yingluck] does something wrong, will you feel pity for that person?… Even if you [do] feel pity, you can’t [protest] anyway, because it’s against the law.” Double standards? You bet.

Letting the dogs out

15 01 2015

Lese majeste cases continue to pile up under the military dictatorship. At the end of 2014, PPT canvassed some reasons for the frantic use of lese majeste. At the time we wrote of the monarchist military dictatorship’s lese majeste war.

In understanding why and why now, PPT has mentioned the necessity of preparing for succession. We also pointed to the need to shore up a political, economic and social order that the elite of rich royalists, stupendously wealthy Sino-Thai tycoons (including the king’s palace), and numerous hangers-on, like the military brass, think has been under threat. We have also mentioned succession house cleaning.

The spike in lese majeste cases is a result of the military dictatorship declaring lese majeste war. It has actively sought out cases, some of which are trivial in all respects, others being political vendettas, and it has begun sifting through old cases to prosecute them more stringently. And, the military dictatorship has encouraged a lese majeste frenzy amongst royalist, resulting in vigilantism. They have let the lese majeste dogs out.

This is seen in yet another attack on lese majeste victim Surachai Danwattananusorn, reported at Prachatai.SurachaiSurachai has been subject to repeated lese majeste allegations, charges and convictions since 2008.

In the past few days, the odious Major-Generl Rientong Nan-nah, the leader of the ultra-royalist vigilante group known as the Rubbish Collection Organization, has filed lese majeste complaint against Surachai. He has asked that the whole royalist book of charges be thrown at the now aged Surachai: he is accused “of producing online programs attacking and defaming the revered Thai monarchy breaking Article 112 and Article 14 of the Computer Crime Act for importing illegal contents to computer system.” He is also accused of rebellion and instigating rebellion.

More broadly, the military dictatorship yet again assert a broad anti-monarchy conspiracy and plot. According to Prachatai, the super snoop sleuths have “arrested a man for posting lese majeste on Facebook and said he was part of a movement to discredit the Thai monarchy on the Internet.”

The Technology Crime Suppression police arrested Jamroen S., “a middle age man accused of using the Facebook profile titled ‘Uncha Unyo’ to post and share [allegedly] lese majeste” materials.

Jamroen is alleged to have “admitted that he was the one who shared the alleged lese majeste contents online and cited that he had been doing it for a year.” The flatfoots assert that Jamroen “is connected to Pongsak S., another … suspect arrested earlier for posting lese majeste contents on … Facebook…”.

The police accuse Jamroen of compiling “lese majeste content before sending them to Pongsak through Facebook chat. Pongsak would then [allegedly] modified the content for publicizing on Facebook.”

The police believe these two are “part of a movement to undermining the monarchy on the Internet.” The plods are in search of others.

Coronation Day and lese majeste

5 05 2014

It is difficult finding a header for this story. The newspapers have headline stories about the king and Coronation Day, but we can’t find anything much of significance in them, unless one is skilled in reading silences and gaps. It was the international media that made the day interesting.

In the local media, some may draw significance from The Nation’s comment on the crown prince: “His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over the celebration of the Royal Umbrella and the Crown Jewels on behalf of the King after His Majesty left the ceremony.”

Perhaps the Bangkok Post’s statement is a nugget for others: “The King arrived at the pavilion at 10.30am, but he did not deliver his traditional address … and did not get up on his wheelchair. The ceremony ended about 11am…. Her Majesty the Queen, 81, was not present during the ceremony.”

The rest of the local news is non-news: “His Majesty waved to the people while his car moved along the way to the Rajapracha Samakhom Pavilion in the Klai Kangwon Palace…” or that some well-wishers shouted “Long live the king.”

A couple of international reports did manage to make some more interesting news, not least Australia’s ABC/Radio Australia, which managed, after a poor introduction to the audio story, makes Coronation Day about lese majeste, interviewing Somyos Prueksakasemsuk and his wife Sukunya before interviewing the ultra-royalist fascist Rientong Nan-nah. The latter is reported as comparing free speech that he sees as offensive to the monarchy as “like terrorism, and the capitalists are behind it.” The Crown Property Bureau, as Thailand’s largest capitalist conglomerate, better watch out!

Also making Coronation Day about lese majeste, Britain’s Channel 4 News blog has a post that begins with Rose Amornpat, quoted as being:

a harsh critic of the Thai Monarchy. She wants the institution abolished and replaced with a democratically-elected head of state. “We need to the change the system in Thailand to become a full democracy. We need to cut the power of the Thai monarch down.”

 Discussing lese majeste in Thailand, the report states: “There’s nowhere else on earth quite like it – you’d have to go back 300 years to find anyone in Britain prosecuted for a similar offence.”

Rienthong gets a mention in this report too: “He wants the London hairdresser [Rose] extradited to Thailand – but if that’s not possible, he wants the British government to find a way to shut her up…. “(What she says) is beyond freedom, beyond democracy. You can have opinions but what she has done is beyond freedom of expression.”


Privy councilor as political dinosaur

27 04 2014

PPT and many of our readers noted that another privy councilor has decided to provide his observations on the ills of Thai society and their remedies.

Privy Councillor Kasem Watthanachai is reported at the Bangkok Post. His view is that:

Thailand has been mired in “a decade of darkness” resulting from the politics of populism and graft, told a seminar yesterday.

Mr Kasem said the crisis Thailand has been facing over the past decade is unprecedented.

He described it as a decade of darkness resulting from politics revolving around populist policies which have led people to crave and become addicted to materialism and consumerism.

He said corruption is a serious problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

Kasem has said similar things before, lecturing those who “sold” land to “foreigners” about “greed.” Then he complained about a third of Thailand being owned by “foreigners,” sold by “greedy” people; this was a nonsense.

A privy councilor since 2001, his claims about “darkness,” an unprecedented “crisis,” serious “corruption and linking this to “populism” is simply another privy councilor engaging in overt politics, attacking the elected governments that they loathe.

Hence, Kasem  can urge “people, including civil servants, to come out and ‘light candles’ to dispel and counter the darkness of corruption and for the government to make serious efforts to tackle the graft problem,” he may as well be asking them to welcome anti-democrats with gold whistles.

Supporting the anti-democrats? You bet he is. He was speaking at another of those “independent” agencies that have been carefully politicized under the influence of royalists, the Office of the Ombudsman.

The old men of the privy council worry that “Thai people are adopting some negative social values such as bowing to dishonest people, or admiring and supporting wealthy people who commit wrongdoings…”. He means Thaksin and the Shinawatra clan.

His political conservatism was matched by Ombudsman Sriracha Charoenpanich who:

told the seminar that Thai society has been “seriously ill” and is badly in need of “operations” at almost every level.

So it is that these political dinosaurs are encouraging right-wing extremists and gang of thugs just as they did when privy councilor Thanin Kraivixien was the royally-anointed premier. This time it is the so-called Rubbish Collection Organization led by Major-General Rientong Nan-nah and the enforcers of the anti-democrats.

Led by the ancients of the Privy Council, it is argued that the answer is to “restore moral and ethical values while national discipline must also be forged among people to move the country toward progress…”. They mean the king/monarchy.

Politically biased privy councilors and an Ombudsman who thinks he should engage in politics by attacking “impostor defenders of democracy,” and the battles lines are as clear as they were in 2006. This time, however, there is more push back. For example, the Puea Thai Party is needling General Prem Tinsulanonda. (Is it “greedy” to take 121,950 baht a month as a “position allowance” for a position that is not gazetted and does nothing? Is it corrupt for such an allowance to have been awarded by a buddy at the Privy Council who happened to be premier after the military coup?)

In essence, the Privy Council is the repository of much of the deeply reactionary thinking that exercises rightists and royalists in Jurassic Thailand.

Wikipedia notes that “[a]lthough the word dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’, the name is somewhat misleading, as dinosaurs are not lizards.” Interestingly, for Thais, a “terrible lizard” can have a derogatory meaning. Obviously, PPT uses “dinosaur” to refer to a political dinosaur.

Such dinosaurs are dangerous because they are so disconnected from political realities, defining their “reality” by flunkies pandering to them and their connection to aged extremists and the class that believes it should rule Thailand and that is determined never to compromise with the rabble who favor elections.

Updated: Lese majeste fascism

21 04 2014

We began a post on a bizarre lese majeste trial yesterday with mention of a Khaosod story. A reader rightly points out that one aspect of the Khaosod story is not correct. This is the statement that the “number of lese majeste accusations has surged in recent weeks, as the political battle in Thailand deepens and both sides of the divide seek new ways to take their adversaries down.” As the reader points out, the use of lese majeste as a political weapon by rightists is hardly new. Indeed, our Commentary page indicates this.

On that PPT page, the use of lese majeste as a way to suppress and repress is a regular pattern of right-wing governments, especially those with close links to the palace, and of rightists who also close to the palace. Think of the 1976-77 government of Thanin Kraivixien and the Village Scout movement that was instigated by the palace as an anti-leftist movement in the early 1970s.

In the darkest days of the 1970s, royalist thugs conducted witch hunts for anti-monarchists. Like the royalist zealot who was made premier in 1976 with the support and approval of the king, these gangs had palace and royalist support. A report at the Bangkok Post warns of royalist efforts to establish “an organisation to eradicate those accused of anti-monarchy behaviour could spark [similar] witch-hunts.”

Back in the 1970s, one of the fascist groups that was formed and managed by royalists was the Red Gaurs. Robert F. Zimmerman in his Reflections on the Collapse of Democracy in Thailand, noted the efforts of Police Colonel Sudsai Thepsadin.Sudsai
As Wikipedia has it, “set up by the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) of the Thai military to counter the country’s students movement after the democratic revolution of October 1973.” It adds:

In August 1975, the group assaulted the Thammasat University, trying to burn down the school building. Assassinations of labor and peasants union officials (namely of the Peasants Federation of Thailand), as well as progressive politicians, and grenade attacks on crowds have been attributed to the Red Gaurs. The organization’s militants often attacked and injured photo journalists who tried to take pictures of them and their guns. The Red Gaurs interfered in the campaign for the 1976 parliamentary election by harassing candidates and attacking political parties they perceived as “leftist” (in particular the New Force Party). Besides, the Red Gaurs were also employed to guard road construction crews against attacks in areas with communist insurgents.

Membership and support

The ultra-royalist vigilante group focused its activities on Bangkok. Its membership consisted mainly of discontent young unemployed, vocational school students and high school drop-outs. The majority of their key cadres however, were veterans of the Vietnam War or former mercenaries in Laos, and former army soldiers dismissed for disciplinary infractions. The Krathing Daeng [Red Gaur] militants were well paid, provided with free liquor, taken on drinking sprees and to brothels out of public money.

They were heavily funded and backed by the United States government. The US provided at least 250 million baht to help organize the Red Gaurs. Paul M. Handley, the author of The King Never Smiles, an unofficial biography of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, reports that the king also gave support to both the Red Gaurs and the “Village Scouts”, another patriotic anti-leftist paramilitary organization.

More than 40 years later, it seems that another military royalist has been given the job of forming a fascist gang of thugs, the so-called Rubbish Collection Organisation as a means to threaten and repress those with different political positions. Major-General Rientong Nan-nah says his thugs “will work to find and hurt those who insult the monarchy.”

Reportedly a director at the Mongkutwattana General Hospital and a medical doctor, Rienthong claimed his group was established “exterminate” – yes, that was the word – “people who insult the monarchy.”


Rienthong gets his anti-democrat photo op.

Amongst others, Sunai Phasuk from Human Rights Watch has expressed concerns that Rienthong’s gang will ignite “violent and deadly” attacks as in the mid-1970s.

Rienthong, like his fascist predecessors, “has denied the RCO is an underground organisation and vowed that it will operate within the law, without links to political or business groups.” No one should or could believe him as he is already an organizer for the anti-democrat movement.

The Post reports that the “RCO’s Facebook page had already attracted more than 93,000 followers as of Saturday. The page is intended to act as a channel for the public to share personal information on those accused of lese majeste.”

Sunai warned that:

the RCO’s activities could lead to the violent suppression of people accused of being disloyal to the monarchy, adding that even the name of the organisation attempts to “dehumanise” people. “I am also alarmed by the RCO’s offer of legal and financial assistance to members who take action against people accused of lese majeste ‘out of anger’,” Mr Sunai said.

“The group also announced that some anti-monarchists need to be handled using ‘special means’, which could implied as encouraging violence.”

Sunai is reported to have “said political groups on all sides had long used Section 112 of the Criminal Code to suppress their rivals. “Therefore we see a strong need to reform this law…”.

He’s wrong. The use of lese majeste has been almost entirely by rightists and royalists, and PPT can’t think of a case raised by red shirts or others associated with them that has made any legal progress. Likewise, this law doesn’t need reform, it needs to be abolished.

Not surprisingly, yellow-shirted “intellectual” Chaiyan Chaiyaporn, of Chulalongkorn University, said:

political groups should not use the monarchy to try and justify their cause, but argued the RCO was an acceptable organisation, so long as it acts within the bounds of the law.

“All societies have their taboo issues. In France, people will not accept those who support Nazis.

“In Thailand, lese majeste behaviour is not acceptable and that is why a group like the RCO emerges to counter such acts.”

 Chaiyan has clearly identified himself with anti-democrats since he threw his support behind the People’s Alliance for Democracy and then signed up in support of the coup and the military junta. But even for an academic with such a record, to condone a hate group with fascist ideas is moving a long way towards condoning extremism. His claims about France are meaningless twaddle. For example, French skinheads remain active, and while some French do not accept them, they are connected with a range of far right groups and even the rightist parties that did well in recent elections, headed by Marine Le Pen. Nonsensical statements like these by Chaiyan indicate an “academic” who is muddying the waters in order to condone fascist royalism.

Update: Like most on the extreme right, Rienthong has already claimed that he is a victim, but that he will fight against those who “intimidate” him. Yes, the fascist who has declared he will exterminate those he disagrees with on the worth of the great feudal institution bizarrely seeks sympathy and an opportunity to extend his threats.

He vows “tit-for-tat measures against opponents who he claims are trying to intimidate him.” He has “warned critics that he would ‘respond with violence’ to any violent attacks committed against his supporters.” He was firm: “My policy to deal with your violence is to respond with violence…”.

Are you listening Chaiyan Chaiyaporn?

He creates a rationale for his future violence by asserting that “the anti-monarchy movement has an armed group inside it. If they are allowed to grow, they will pose a grave danger to the monarchy.”

This is sounding like the extremists of the 1970s. It is very dangerously so when he states: “I have my battle colleagues who are ready to respond. If we do it, we will have no mercy.” Even more so when he talks of a “People’s Army to Protect the Monarchy”, and invites “retired military and police officers who are loyal to the King to a meeting at his hospital … to help the National Police Office punish perpetrators of the lese majeste law.”

His other claims were largely a nonsense recital of lies about not using violence and rule of law.

One claim that will be chilling for many is his allegation that his:

group has now located almost 300 suspected offenders and is gathering evidence to file police complaints, he said. Many of the suspects are close associates of politicians, while others were teenagers who had “bad thoughts”, he added.

Rienthong said he has also “set up a team of online volunteers to stand by around the clock to monitor websites with anti-monarchy content.” Hopefully the vigilantes will enjoy PPT’s content, although we wonder about their capacity for dealing with facts rather than the fiction that royalists find they need to believe. We imagine that like some fundamentalist preacher, Rienthong has measures in place to re-indoctrinate his fellow snoops.



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