More lese majeste prosecutions and complaints

8 01 2015

Prachatai reports two new lese majeste cases.

The first case is another Facebook capture. On 7 January 2015, police said “they had arrested a man who allegedly defamed the monarchy on Facebook.” They accuse Pongsak S. of lese majeste and of breaching Article 14 of the Computer Crimes Act. Pongsak was originally on the “list of 17 people summoned by the junta on 9 June 2014.” The police will also charge him with failing to report to the junta.

According to the police, who paraded Pongsak at a press conference, he “allegedly used Facebook under the name ‘sam parr’ to distribute messages and images defaming the monarchy.” Pongsak allegedly admitted his guilt at the press conference, saying his posts were “instigated by some Facebook friends. He also said that he went to anti-establishment red-shirt demonstrations.”

The second case is so bizarre that we are not sure what to do with it or whether it will go anywhere. One useful bit of it is that it shows infighting in the palace.

The report states that on 7 January 2015, Air Chief Marshal Chansak Nivasabutr filed a lese majeste complaint against his boss, General Sayan Kampeepan. The latter is “Chief, Aide-de-Camp General to H.M. the King.” Chansak was Deputy Chief Aide-de-Camp until Sayan sacked him on 11 September 2014. A bit like the notorious case of the royalist and quite bizarre Jaruvan Maintaka, Chansak claims lese majeste because only the king can order his dismissal and that Sayan did not have authorization to sack him. He claims that only the king can “dictate the transfers and dismissals of positions in the Royal Aide-de-Camp Department and all other positions in the royal court.”

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