Weapons usually mean trouble

8 06 2019

When weapons get into the news, it is usually about danger: the danger that the military junta is throwing even more taxpayer loot at the military or that more people have been shot down, with impunity. But for the military junta, when a cache of arms is suddenly “found,” it usually means that there’s a plan to arrest political opponents.

The junta has a long track record of “finding” weapons, blaming opponents, making arrests and then, nothing….

We makes these point because yet another “cache” of war weapons has been “discovered,” under water – several of the finds in recent years have been under water. One report states “a massive weapon discovery in the irrigation canal in Ban Khanoon Nuea village of tambon Sano in Khukhan district of Si Sa Ket,” and that Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has ordered “comprehensive checks for illegal weapons.” This cache included “27 rocket-propelled grenades, 24 rounds of ammunition for M79 grenade launchers, 700 bullets of AKA assault rifles and 48 detonation caps.”

Clipped from The Nation

But then the story gets odd indeed, with some very strange statements made by senior officials, suggesting that they are concocting and up to no good.

Deputy national police chief Pol Gen Srivara Ransibhramanakul stated that “the arms were brand-new and ready for use.” He added that he believed the “weapons were similar to those earlier seized from a hardcore red-shirt activist group…”. In another report, Pol Maj General Thawatchai Mekprasertsuk, deputy forensic police office chief, stated that the weapons “had been used dozens of times during the 2010-2014 political demonstrations…”.

Should we assume he is quoted out of context and what he means is that weapons like those found were used back then? Or is he concocting a story? After all, bombs can hardly be re-used. They are used and that’s the end of them. But no, this report refers to “M-79 and AK-47 rifles, 21 RPG grenades and 70 grenades for 40-mm grenade launchers.” The problem is that none of the photos in these reports show other than grenades and ammunition.

Maj Gen Akaradet Boonthiam, deputy chief of the 2nd Army, said “the weapons were found in a border area which was once a battlefield during a civil war in the neighbouring country. The discovered weapons were from that period, about 40 years ago…”. Was he not in on the police claims?

So what trouble is brewing from the regime? Who is going to be arrested this time? What has caused the regime to get jittery and in need of a “threat”?

Shocking calendars threaten regime stability

6 11 2018

It was only a bit over a week ago that the junta’s automaton deputy police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul got upset about a rap song that attacked his brothers in the military dictatorship and all they stood for. He declared that the rappers had probably broken the law and threatened them and those sharing the popular video. He soon backed down, acknowledging that he was making this up. No law had been broken.

The point about this approach is to threaten political opponents. It has nothing at all to do with the law.

So the same tactic is used in dealing with another danger to The Dictator and his band of dull men: calendars. But not just any calendars. These calendars come with pictures of Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra.

One report states:

A deputy police commissioner said he’s ordered police to investigate whether anyone violated the law by handing out calendars bearing images of former prime ministers Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra.

Any guesses on who the cop might be? Of course, it is the very same junta-slave Pol Gen Srivara.

Probably poked by his flustered junta bosses, the deputy top cop “told reporters the calendars had been distributed in Bangkok at Thammasat University, the Constitutional Court and the northeastern provinces of Udon Thani and Ubon Ratchathani.” Soldiers had already descended  on “the home of a woman who had distributed the calendars.”

The woman distributing the calendars fired back at the military goons:

They came to visit me since morning. They asked me about the calendars, where I got them from and from who…. So I asked them back, what’s wrong about it? They are for telling dates and months.

They told her to remove advertising for the calendars and asked for details about the calendars. She told them to go away. As it turns out, no law had been broken.

But not to be deterred, the military is “uncovering” a calendar plot. The military and police swooped on an “an air-conditioner shop in Ubon Ratchathani and seized some 5,000 copies of the calendar bearing the photos of Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra.”

The “law” they used had to be concocted and the thugs claimed they “acted on the junta’s order on the prevention and suppression of threats to peace and order.” This is a complete concoction, but the junta order means the junta ordered this illegal confiscation.

The military’s goons counted each box of calendars – 10 – and quickly calculated 5,553 calendars, meaning 447 had been distributed.

The owner of the shop then poked fun at the authorities via social media.

Pol Gen Srivara reckons there are “2 million copies of the calendar were being distributed to people in Bangkok, the Northeast and the North.” It’s a revolution! It is a slap in the junta’s pudgy face. Sivara is reported to have been greatly disturbed, opining: “We have yet to find out who made it…”.

Shock! Horror! The regime is under threat! The calendar features dangerously revolutionary messages:

Thaksin: “I love and miss everyone. I wish I could join and support you all. I wish [you all] happiness and success and hope you get out of the problems plaguing you now. Let 2019 be the year of Thais…”.

Yingluck: “I hope my fellow people are happy and have a good life and your businesses become more prosperous…”.

The Dictator sulks and thought police get vindictive II

31 10 2018

This post updates an earlier one on the military regime’s response to the rap song “Prathet Ku Mee.”

The sulking and vindictiveness continues, with Pol Gen Srivara Ransibrahmanakul having “authorised police officers to lodge the defamation lawsuit on his behalf on Monday.” He also revealed that the official police investigation of the rappers and their anti-junta song is continuing, even while he “concede[d] there is no evidence so far that those connected to the song have broken the law.” Absurdly, he also “denied rumours that leading government figures ordered him to take legal action against the rappers.”

Pol Gen Srivara then “distributed a brief containing 10 counter-arguments to various lyrics of the song to the media.” It complained that the senior policeman considered that the song’s “lyrics are not entirely true … [and] that some of the video’s content deliberately tarnishes the reputation of the military.”

Check a  version of the lyrics here.

It remains unclear to PPT how the police general is engaged in  a defamation action that claims the military is defamed, but we suspect that this statement is evidence that the regime has indeed ordered the police to “investigate.”

Indicating the politics that the rap has unleashed, Pol Gen Srivara stated that his “brief” was written by notorious anti-democrat and ultra-royalist Seri Wongmontha.

Meanwhile, The Dictator claimed that the rappers were slandering the nation. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha went on to threaten tens of millions, saying “there are laws against acts of showing hostility toward the country.” He warned and threatened: “Anyone that shows appreciation towards the song must accept responsibility for what happens to the country in the future…”.

The dictators are being dictatorial. Worse, they have lost face, and this is when they are nasty, dangerous and vindictive.

The Dictator sulks and thought police get vindictive I

30 10 2018

Despite YouTube now requiring a sign-in for some to view “Prathet Ku Mee” – did the military junta get to them? – it has more than 22 million views.

Grumbling (thought) police have “backed down on a threat to press charges against the artists behind the Rap Against Dictatorship project over the lyrics to their smash-hit…”. Deputy police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul decided “there was no evidence at this stage to charge the rappers…”. Even so, the belligerent junta minion added that “listening, singing and sharing” the rap was “legal for now.”

Pol Gen Srivara then got vindictive, saying he “would file a personal complaint against the rappers for accusing him of trying to arrest or summon them, and for making false accusations about the black panther case which is in court.”

Unbelievably he claimed these statements “damaged” something he referred to as his “reputation.” Jeez, this guy is a senior policeman. Pretty much without exception, these are corrupt thugs. Srivara is worse because he slithers before the dictatorship. How on earth he thinks he has anything other than a reputation as a thug and slitherer is beyond comprehension.

On the “elect me!” campaign trail in Phayao, The Dictator Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, sulked.

He demanded that “people not to pay attention to ‘social media buzz’.” Like a sulking child he “refused to refer to the song by its name or by the name of the group.”

He complained, babbling:

Use your own judgement. Is it really that bad? Is life really that hard? Is it that oppressive? Am I so dictatorial? If I were a dictator, I wouldn’t be here [to visit people]. I could just give orders somewhere else. Don’t let anyone distort the facts.

Such childish rhetoric hardly deserves a response. Use your own judgement on more than four years of military dictatorship under a petulant general.

Then he got all dictator-like, complaining that there’s too much freedom: “… freedom without limits will turn against you, your family and your children in the future. Don’t let yourselves be a tool of others. If society is like this, I don’t think we can go on…”.

You are warned! Watch out Thailand. This is the man-child who wants to continue as prime minister for years to come.

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