Updated: Don’t say his name 112

14 05 2021

With the regime telling Thais not to believe fake news while not telling them what the fake news is, millions have gone seeking the “fake” news. It turns out to be a rumor that the king is hospitalized. No one knows if he is, but it seems the regime, by not denying the rumor has confirmed it for many.

And, not saying his name has become the point of a new lese majeste complaint by the regime, lodged by slimy turncoat Seksakon “Rambo Isan” Atthawong, an assistant minister to the prime minister, who seems to have been given a new name. He used to be Suporn.

That slug was joined by Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s lawyer Apiwat Kanthong in lodging “another complaint with Nang Loeng police against a singer for criticising the government’s vaccine procurement plan, alleging he may have violated the lese majeste law and the Computer Crime Act.” The singer is Suthipong “Heart” Tadpitakkul. The earlier complaint was lodged with the Technology Crime Suppression Division. It seems that the complaint then also related to lese majeste.

Now Suthipong is accused “of having copied information on the government’s vaccine procurement plan from a Facebook user and posting it on his Facebook page.” It seems that Suthipong “made additions” to the post. He is accused of adding: “It is a vaccine of the boss” and “It is a Covid-19 vaccine monopoly.”

Lawyer Apiwat reckons “[a]nyone reading this would immediately know who he is talking about…”. It’s not Gen Prayuth. It seems it is he whose name may not be said.

Lawyer Apiwat reckons that “some people thought were intended to insult the high institution.” He means the king and/or monarchy.

He, and presumably his boss, want “the police to seek more evidence and more information to substantiate the accusation against Suthipong.”

Suthipong “dismissed the new complaint in a Facebook post.”

Clearly, not even mentioning the king’s name can lead to royalist complaints and police charges. How bizarre.

Update: Royal Central has now repeated the rumors of the king’s hospitalization. That more or less guarantees that the rumors will now spread internationally. We suspect the king needs to show himself or the Royal Household Bureau needs to issue a statement.

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