The Thai Alliance for Human Rights

13 10 2012

After updating the cases of lese majeste and related “crimes” at PPT, it seems relevant to point out a new venture by two of the accused. The Thai Alliance for Human Rights has been formed in San Francisco in the U.S. and is to be launched on 14 October. The Alliance is an effort launched by several people and includes Anek Chaichana and Chupong Thithuan, both accused of lese majeste, in multiple cases.

The Alliance’s web site is worth a look, with some items in English and several in Thai. In an open letter, it has a direct attack on the monarchy, stating in part that:

The Thai monarch was widely regarded in the media, domestic and international, as the heart of unity among Thais and as the most revered and benevolent king on earth.  The love for King Bhumibol is nearly a blind one, as virtually nobody dares to challenge it, nor can many Thais may in public talk about it differently when the lese majeste law has been fiercely enforced by all governments since the 2006 coup….

… [W]e have also learned that there have been massacres so apparent to the naked eyes of the world and yet, surprisingly, few of the people involved in these massacres have been tried and virtually none prosecuted.  In addition to the absence of any proper trial, after all the massacres King Bhumibol always granted  amnesty to all parties, letting the killings of innocent Thais who fought for their rights and for a true democracy be forgotten and buried under the royal ink….

Blind love and nationalism are normally the results of prolonged, one-sided propagandas, and they can be very dangerous and even fatal….