Ji on lese majeste

26 11 2014

Nut Rungwong, known as Somsak Pakdeedech, his pen name at the Thai E-News website he oversaw, was sentenced by a military court on 24 November 2014 to nine years in jail for lese majeste.

It was reported that the content leading “to the charge is an article by Ji Ungpakorn, a former Chulalongkorn University political scientist who has lived in self-exile in the UK since 2009. The article was published on the website in 2009.”

Ji has called to the country’s lese majeste law to be scrapped. He added: “This excuse that there’s some kind of special case in Thailand is just an excuse for repression… It’s more than about the King. It’s the way the elite, especially the military, use the King to justify their interference in politics.”

He made the all-too-obvious point that: “The lese majeste laws in Thailand are the opposite of human rights.” Ji points to the reason for lese majeste repression: “The important thing is that they’re not being used to defend the monarchy. They’re being used to suppress opposition to the status quo, especially the military dictatorship. The king could easily protected by ordinary laws like libel laws.”

His final point is also important: “The glaring outrage is that the prime minister of Thailand [The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha] is someone who ordered shooting on unarmed demonstrators in 2010, so you have a situation where editors and writers are being locked up but the real criminal is running the country.”

Thai E-News is back

27 01 2013

PPT has just noticed that Thai E-News is back on-line. As we understand it, there was a concerted effort by a group assumed to be yellow-shirted ultra-royalists, who apparently mounted a co-ordinated campaign to declare them an “offensive” site. It is often a tedious process to get restored. Welcome back!

Thai E-News

Thai e-News at Facebook

20 01 2013

Thai e-NewsA couple of days ago PPT asked what had happened to the blog Thai e-News. No one seems to know, although a couple of readers have directed us to the Thai e-News Facebook page, which sheds no light on the closure of the blog but which still has its stories posted.

Thai e-News gone?

18 01 2013

blogger-logo-smallBlog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at thaienews.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: ‘I can’t find my blog on the Web, where is it?

Any reader know what has happened to this blog, which has been one of the most significant red shirt-associated blogs for several years? Is it gone?

Further updated: A deal has been done!

16 09 2011

Now we believe it. PPT took all the talk of a deal between the palace and Thaksin with a grain of salt, until today. Now we believe it. Why?

Because of this banner that has suddenly appeared at the top of the Thai E-News blog site. A bastion of what was meant to be red shirt opinion looks like it has turned. Such a remarkable change must mark the existence of a deal. Next we’ll see Robert Amsterdam’s Thailand blog extolling the virtues of the monarchy.

Update 1: PPT were trying to be ironic, while still being disappointed. We are advised that it is “just a header.” We value Thai E-News and wish it well in its work.

Update 2: The logo changed! We are so pleased!

Letter to Yingluck from sister of slain journalist

9 07 2011

The E-News recently posted the following letter to Prime Minister elect Yingluck Shinawatra from Elisabetta Polenghi, sister of Italian journalist, Fabio Polenghi, who was killed in the April-May 2010 demonstrations:


Open Letter. To the Prime Minister of Thailand.

The recent news of the Red shirt’s victory brought me to uncontrollable tears; a feeling that is hard to explain and which was both joyous and sorrowful, but at the same time infused with timid hope. I cried my tears in the hope that from today, a new era of justice and respect will arise and that all those victims who believed in a better country and contributed to the change with the ultimate sacrifice will now receive the respect and truth that they truly deserve.

Although my position does not allow me to express a feeling of integrated political participation, it is still true that I am a woman and a humanist and as such recognize the importance of your victory. May I, therefore, congratulate you and wish you all the strength and wisdom that this appointment requires. In this regard, it is my heartfelt hope that the investigations of the 2010 deaths will be reopened and reviewed and that the sacrifice of many will not have been useless and will be repaid with honesty, justice, commitment and responsibility for a strong and healthy rebirth of Thailand with a primary emphasis on the defense of human life. At your disposal, I am yours sincerely,

Elisabetta Polenghi

Updated: Thongchai on the media

7 04 2010

PPT has been posting for some months on the bias seen in the mainstream media. Professor Thongchai Winichakul has a short article on this at Prachatai (7 April 2010). We agree that there is a “horrible lack of professionalism” and more.

Update: สำหรับฉบับภาษาไทย ดู Thai E-news: “ธงชัย วินิจจะกูล:สื่อไทยมีส่วนในการก่ออาชญากรรม”

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