Hick party royalism

27 03 2023

The Nation reports that the central region’s hick party, which will usually bend over backwards and perform cartwheels to gain a cabinet seat is setting “conditions” for its participation in any coalition government that go beyond access to cabinet money-making opportunities.

Chart Thai Pattana Party, owned by the Silpa-archa family, through its leader Varawut Silpa-archa, said that it/he had “set three conditions for joining the next coalition government…”.

Newin (r) seeking a bit of help from Banharn Silpa-archa

The main condition was “a promise not to touch the lese majesty law.” Varawut told this to “reporters while campaigning in Yasothon’s Muang district.”

The other two conditions were “to create a people’s assembly to draft a new Constitution” and a “promise to allocate money for a fund for to help farmers and rural people.”

It seems likely that a handful of Silpa-archas and associates will have limited bargaining power other than with another military-monarchy coalition government where such “conditions” would be easily met.

As previously, the Silpa-archas are probably hoping to align with Newin Chidchob’s lot from Buriram. Those two parties, both adept at political somersaults, seem to be hoping for a weak coalition government.

The truly popular parties are likely to have a mandate for 112 reform and this seems like a warning shot from the right.

That said, we’d expect hick royalists to cartwheel again in order to get status and loot.

112 reform

29 10 2022

It is reported that the Move Forward Party has reiterated its “unwavering” policy support for the”amendment to the draconian lese majeste law.”

Apparently, the party was responding Bhum Jai Thai Party semi-leader and Deputy Prime Minister/Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul and Chart Thai Pattana Party leader and Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa who recently declared they were opposed to any effort to amend the law.

Parit Wacharasindhu announced that the party “will resolutely put forward concerted moves to amend the lese majeste law, also known as Section 112 of the Criminal Code, in order to uphold social and political justice and foster constructive relationship between the people and constitutional monarchy.”

Parit said the “law has been abusively and unjustly enforced by one party’s political opponents under the pretext of maintaining the highly-placed honours and prestige of the monarch and royal household.”

Interestingly, he also pointed to “some corruption-riddled government projects under the excuse of running what may be officially called ‘royal honour-celebrating projects’.”

The Move Forward Party is proposing limited reform: a maximum of  one year in jail or a maximum of 300,000 baht in fine for Article 112 convictions.

Abolition of the ridiculous law would be much better.

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