Bloodied by 112

12 05 2021

The Nation reports that a student in Chiang Mai, one of those charged with lese majeste, “has cut the number 112 on his chest with a razor…”. The pictures below are from social media posts.

On Tuesday, Withaya Khlangnin and Yotsunthon Ruttapradid reported to the Bhubing Rajanives Police Station to hear the charges against them: lese majeste and desecrating the national flag.

More than 50 students went with them to provide support. “Before arriving at the police station, [Withaya] took off his T-shirt and used a razor to cut the number 112 on his chest.”

Supporters tried to block the police stopping him, viewing “his action as a personal right.”

Art vs. lese majeste

5 05 2021

Prachatai reports on yet more lese majeste cases.

It states that two Chiang Mai University students, Withaya Khlangnin and Yotsunthon Ruttapradid, “have received police summonses on charges under the lèse majesté law and the 1979 Flag Act for an art installation piece exhibited at an event in March 2021.”

Their case stems from a complaint made by serial complainer and attention-seeker Srisuwan Janya who claims to be Secretary-General of the Association for the Protection of the Constitution. We assume he protects the military junta’s constitution because he’s a fan.

He “filed a complaint against them for an art installation piece they exhibited during the 14 March 2021 protest at Chiang Mai University.” Srisuwan claims their art “violated the 1979 Flag Act and that messages written on the piece violate Section 112 of the Criminal Code…”.

Flag LM

Clipped from Prachatai

The art piece features a mannequin wrapped in plastic in the middle of two red and white strips. It was shown twice.

Prachatai cites iLaw:

the students received a phone call from the police informing them of the summons. They were told that the police have sent the summonses to their home addresses in Sukhothai and Narathiwat, and that they must report to the police on 3 May, or the police will consider issuing arrest warrants.

The police planned to take them to “Chiang Mai Provincial Court for a temporary detention request.”

AT present it seems that the students and their lawyers have postponed meeting police as “neither have received the summons…”.

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