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Updated: 2 July 2015

We at Political Prisoners in Thailand urge concerned readers to protest the political uses of lese majeste in Thailand. Some of the things you can do:

1. Write a letter of concern to the Prime Minister of Thailand, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Government House, Bangkok, Thailand.

While we do not expect that Prayuth will change his mind, we feel continuing correspondence directed to the prime minster – especially international pressure – ensures that those using repressive laws are aware that those charged and incarcerated are not forgotten.

2. Write a letter of concern to the Ambassador, The Royal Thai Embassy, in your country of residence (addresses are available here; links to websites here).

It is important to make the representatives of the government understand that there is opposition to the use of repressive and unfair laws.

3. Write to your local member of parliament and your minister for foreign affairs, drawing their attention to the lese-majeste law in Thailand and its political use.

For U.S. congressmen and women, look here and here; for Australian parliamentarians, contacts are here; for the U.K., a list is here; EU MEPs are here and EU parliament offices in member countries are here; for other countries, Google them)

It is critical that foreign governments understand that Thailand’s government is using repressive laws to restrict human rights and freedoms.

4. Urge Amnesty International internationally and your local branch take up all cases of lese majeste in Thailand.

5. Urge Human Rights Watch Asia to take up these cases.

6. Write to foreign embassies in Bangkok, drawing attention to lese majeste and political prisoners (links can be found here).

7. Tell your friends about lese majeste repression and political prisoners in Thailand.

8. Send any further information you have about these cases to us at:  politicalprisonersinthailand@hushmail.com

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