Nitirat, Worachet and dark forces

2 03 2012

Puangthong Pawakapan

Readers might find the Radio Australia interview with Chulalongkorn University political scientist Dr Puangthong Pawakapan of interest. Puangthong  is a member of the Campaign Committee for the Amendment of Article 112. The interview follows the attack on lese majeste reform campaigner and Nitirat member Dr Worachet Pakeerat by thugs who oppose lese majeste reform. Some highlights from the interview:

Puangthong says that the attack on Worachet “is part of the hatred campaign by the hyper-royalist group.”  While not ruling out that the attackers acted independently, she adds:

A few weeks ago, there were groups of hyper-royalists who burnt effigies of Professor Worajet in front of Thammassat University. And the Nitirat members received several threats from these unknown people – it was part of a hatred campaign by this group….

Other reports state that the two men were participants in the rally burning effigies.

Referring to the possibility of more powerful and dark forces being behind the attack, Puangthong says “I think they want to create fear for us, they want us to stop the Amendment campaign. We know that it’s frightening and no one can guarantee that it won’t happen again, but we agree, our group agreed that we would carry on this campaign.”

Asked about the campaign to amend the lese majeste law, she notes that:

people in the up-country, are really enthusiastic about our campaign. We received many invitations from the civic groups in the up-country, to give talks about the amendment of the law…. These are the silent voices in the country who want the law to be changed.

And she adds:

the Nitirat proposal to amend the law is for the Monarchy as an institution, to be secure in the long term. It’s not a personal matter. For the monarchy to have security and stability, this law must be changed. I believe that all public institutions need to listen to the public voice, so that they can adjust to the changing values in the society, and the values that we cherish now is democracy. For the stability of the monarchy, it has to exist in line with democratic values and principles.



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