Hounded by students

19 02 2015

Students continue to lead anti-coup opposition. Frankly, they are about the only ones willing to stand up to the bullies of the military dictatorship.

In recent days, student activists in Bangkok have been “expressing their dissent through anonymous banners hung around the city…” mainly from pedestrian overpasses. The banners have stung the military junta with their  Bangkok, bearing harsh words for the Thai junta:

“Down With Dictatorship – Long Live Democracy.” Text at the bottom of the banner warned: “This banner cannot self destruct, unless it is removed by a lackey of a dictator.”

Other students have drawn up banners demanding that soldiers “Stop Abusing Students…”.

Military forces moved to take the banners down and are presumably searching for the anti-coup students responsible.

The political commitment of these students baffles The Dictator and his sycophants because the students appear disconnected from the previous protest groups such as red shirts.



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