Planet Krypton and lese majeste

30 05 2019

About a week ago we posted on about Pornthip Munkhong’s new book, All They Could Do To Us (Aan Press, 2019). Pornthip, jailed on lese majeste for her role in a political play, The Wolf Bride (เจ้าสาวหมาป่า), about a fictional monarch and kingdom, had written of her experience.

Today, The Nation has a story about her debut exhibition “Planet Krypton” at WTF Gallery in Bangkok. The report states:

After spending two years behind bars for violating the country’s draconian lese majeste laws, the life of young performing artist and rights activist Prontip “Kolf” Mankong changed dramatically. But rather than grinding the 30-year-old artist down, it made her stronger, a fact she clearly demonstrates by transforming that profoundly disruptive experience into creative art.

Pornthip and her fellow inmates will give a talk on Sunday at 5pm as they wrap the exhibition “Planet Krypton” at WTF Gallery. That may also be the last day of the exhibition. The story also states that her book is being translated to English.



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