Royal portrait lese majeste

2 09 2021

In a Prachatai reports we posted about earlier, another lese majeste case is mentioned. Citing Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, it is reported that, on 30 August 2021, “Sirapat Deesawat, 35, from Nonthaburi province, was charged with royal defamation [Prachatai means lese majeste] by the police at Rattanathibet Police station.”

Sirapat was reportedly been “arrested without a warrant on 10 August after a complaint was filed that a King Vajiralongkorn portrait and a decorative golden frame were stolen from the entrance to a Prachachuen housing estate.  A CCTV camera recorded the theft.”

Police allege that “Sirapat removed the portrait and its frame, dragged both along the ground face down for about 190 metres. Reaching a nearby market, he gave the portrait to Kanokwan Chimnok and dumped the frame in a canal.” For this, the authorities “contend that Sirapat’s action amount to defamation of the monarch as [t]he King’s portrait is supposed to be respected by people and should be kept in a place befitting his … station.”

Sirapat has denied the charge and was released on bail. Meanwhile, “Kanokwan was charged with receiving stolen property. She surrendered on 24 August and was released after placing a 90,000 baht security.”

According to TLHR, by 31 August, 126 lese majeste charges had been laid against 124 person.



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