Great positions go to the undeserved

4 01 2010

Regular readers will recall that back in October we raised questions regarding the ways that being a royal in Thailand comes with wonderful perks – like being considered great at everything one turns their hand to. We discussed the many claimed talents of Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana.

It seems that the perks now also include getting nice little positions in good places. In a small exchange at New Mandala that might easily be missed, a reader points to this web link. Get to this link quickly as it is likely to be changed soon as it has been posted to Thai web boards (e.g. at Prachatai).

As the Prachatai and New Mandala commentators point out, it is unusual to see the Sirivannavari Nariratana assigned a position – Third Secretary – at the Thai government’s Rome Embassy.  What are her qualifications and when was she appointed? We know she hangs out in Italy honing her alleged design talents, but does this amount to a qualification or is it just more polishing of royal credentials? Of course, as a royal and daughter of the crown prince, who’d question the placing of her picture above everyone else in the embassy, even the ambassador?

For those looking to succession, this treatment might be a sign of what’s coming.



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