No criticism

5 12 2017

Khaosod reports that the military junta released social media “personality” Natchapol Supattana (or Mark Pitbull) from custody on Saturday evening.

This release followed his “detention” for stating that the junta’s “popularity” is in decline, posted on YouTube, with his 500,000 followers. His evidence for declining “popularity” reflected on the arrest of anti-coal protesters in the south.

He pointed out the obvious (and a point PPT made): “I believe the government is in a downturn, because they keep making enemies. Friends who used to love them are now parting ways…”.

For this rather mild opinion often seen in the mainstream media, he “was sent to a special military prison for ‘attitude adjustment’…”. A junta spokesman justified this act of harsh repression by claiming: “Some of his information was not based on facts … and appeared to be inciting unrest…”.

This is nonsense, but the junta’s man added a warning that any criticism of the junta on Facebook and YouTube would not be tolerated. The intolerant are becoming even more intolerant.