It is still a military regime VI

10 06 2020

All the nonsense about splits in the Palang Pracharath Party over who get access to the biggest bags of loot pales into nothingness when its considered who really runs the country.

In a report that is framed in terms that do not draw attention to the significance of the event, the Bangkok Post tells of how the military treats parliament with such utter disdain that opposition lawmakers “walked out of a parliament meeting on Tuesday…”.

The report says that this was “to protest against a lack of details in the government’s plan to reallocate 88 billion baht to a central fund to fight Covid-19 and rehabilitate the economy.” In fact, it was also a protest about the “Defence Ministry for hampering the panel’s work…” and acting as a law unto itself.

Defense Ministry officials had submitted to the committee a document which was marked “classified.” Shortly after these officials withdrew the document from the committee, collecting up all the copies.

Benja Saengchan, a committee member from Kao Klai Party, said the military officials claimed “the document was classified and … [they] took it back immediately; we did not manage to thoroughly examine the document.” Benja added: “The defence [ministry] is somehow ‘untouchable’…”.

The opposition “walkout was led by Worawat Ua-apinyakul, who sits on the ad-hoc committee vetting a draft bill on the budget transfer. The MPs abruptly left the meeting and accused the government coalition of trying to prevent them from doing their job.

As Ji Ungpakorn has pointedly observed: “No one should be under the illusion that Thailand has returned to democracy, despite recent elections. The military is still very much in charge…”.



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