SUT’s Jutatip arrested

1 09 2020

The arrests of students campaigning against the regime continue.

Earlier today, Student Union of Thailand president Jutatip Sirikhan was stopped by plainclothes officers as she rode in a taxi and arrested while on the way to university. She is the 14th of 15 activists scheduled for arrest.

Clipped from Prachatai

She had been expecting arrest and livestreamed the arrest and as she was taken away.

Jutatip was taken to the Samranrat Police Station, charged with various offenses, then to the Bangkok Criminal Court, where she was granted bail in the evening.

Jutatip appeared before the press on her release, stating: “I am a student and I have been harassed by the police for months, for years…. They threatened my home, they threatened my family…”. She added that she believed the police followed  her using her phone signal.

She then “covered herself in white paint in a symbolic act of protest…” and “thanked the lecturer who came to make bail for her and the people who came to support her, and helped the crowd clean the paint off the sidewalk in front of the footpath in front of the Court.” She declared: “We won’t stop fighting until we win in everything, including monarchy reform and a new constitution…”.

Jutatip is the 14th activist to be arrested for participating in the 18 July mass protest. 15 other participants at the protest have also received a summons and reported to Samranrat Police Station to hear the charges against them on 28 August. Jutatip was charged with sedition and violation of the Emergency Decree and the Communicable Diseases Act, among other charges.



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