Despair and resentment towards the dictatorship

22 06 2022

We are PPT are not really up with contemporary music in Thailand, and especially not with its punk bands. But we sometimes see a report that refers to the politics of this music. Just such a case is BLUNT, and its report “Powerviolence trio Speech Odd spit in the face of oppression with ‘Control’,” where punk is associated with “the language of resistance,” and suggesting that “powerviolence is its sternest tone.” Speech Odd are a Thai powerviolence punk band

According to the BLUNT report, Speech Odd’s new single “Control” is as “blistering” and “bone-breaking” as it gets. It’s also highly political, drawing on themes of years of struggle against the status quo. As the band explains

This song is the story of despair and resentment towards the dictatorship that oppresses people…. [The dictatorship] is still alive, even through elections by using unfair methods. That is a story that we present with ‘Control’. The cover art was drawn by Speech Odd’s singer Pam, inspired by Nuamthong Praiwan, who sacrificed his life to resist the dictatorship.”

Praiwan was the taxi driver who in 2006 drove his vehicle directly into a tank as a protest against the 2006 military coup. Praiwan later committed suicide as a political statement.

The report continues:

The youth of Thailand continue to struggle against the oppressive regime, with no guarantees other than things only becoming more dangerous. Protests have become an everyday part of life in Thailand as the government continues to crack down on those who speak out. Making matters more complicated is Thailand’s infamous Article 112, which sees anyone who speaks out about the countries monarchy facing three to fifteen years in prison. In the past two years alone, over 120 Thai citizens have been charged with lese majeste….

Watch Speech Odd:



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